A Balanced Diet

This whole grain breads, he appeared in those distant days when people did not know mills and used to cook whole, swollen and germinated seeds of wild wheat and other cereals. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rod Brooks. The newspapers mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk not as a source, but as a related topic. So bread ancestors balancing your meals in an expanding range of used herbs, seeds, fruits, roots. They explored and used to eat these gifts of nature are not only natural habitats, but also cultivated in settles in the land. Continue to learn more with: Rebecca Father. Similar experiments forefathers nothing like the creation of a drug benefit and the extension of their fathers. They say, thank you! Palatable and effective drug has become the basis for power – a head (master).

Concept – "Bread whole-head" and in the 21 century true. But how huge a gap in the concept they have – then and we have – now! In our time – the head, because – to satisfy his hunger, as if their ancestors – a drug (healing)! Modern grain refined product, completely devoid of any medicinal properties. Products made of white flour – a recent invention of man – a dead product. Everything of value that is in grains, is in the bud and shell. White Flour grades obtained by treatment of wheat grain from the hull and germ. Thus, all that is valuable is removed and only remains a dead part, consisting mainly of starch. Then add the flour, artificial vitamins. This lifeless part of the grain provided by nature as a construction material, a sort of a barrel of grease to the fetus.