By Undertaking Challenges

Posted by hotelnur on 24th September 2015 in News

Starting a business is a challenge, we must be multidisciplinary but there are tasks that we will not be alone, but most importantly, do not forget our goal not to get lost on the way. Entrepreneurship programs are the support and recognition that there are entrepreneurs visionaries that they decided to start their own business, and they are demanding quality services to be competitive. Entrepreneurship programs provide services to equip and build the foundations of a business, this is the generation of ambitious entrepreneurs who dare to dream to believe to propose its future. The application of marketing strategies is the way for the consolidation and maturity of the project should also have solutions technologies and systems enabling it to anticipate changes in the marketing and be competitive. SMEs Colombian profile of the entrepreneur SME in Colombia contributions of SMEs to society obstacles of SMEs half of those who manage the SMEs are the owners.

The parties have more than 10 years managing company. The main function to 64% is the administration. It is followed by sales with 16%. 70% Of the managers of SMEs have advanced higher studies. Managers of SMEs are young managers: 56% have between 25 and 45 years old.

They generate jobs enhance the quality of life of people by distributing the wealth of the country less fortunate households. SMEs represent 9% of the Colombian business park providers have very high bargaining power on the SMEs less than 32% of SMEs use distribution channels seven out of ten directly serving their customers. 37% Of SMEs has made sales to the State in the last 2 years 36% of SMEs must strengthen the area of sales and marketing. Almost 60% has not contracted training or consulting, in the last 2 years. Growth potential will be a reality where entrepreneurs see their business with a strategic vision, support for entrepreneurship and providing tools to form a successful business is the role of the State but they are the same entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who must provide his leadership skills. According to the global perspective that changes and advances swiftly is important for SMEs interested in position, having strategic marketing plans, geared towards the consumer’s behaviour, and count with information systems of marketing (ICTs) for implementation and follow-up which would lead to increase profitability and competitiveness.Also allows you to improve performance, productivity and facilitate decision-making regardless of the size or type of company.

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