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This question occupies to US people since the Millennium. This question occupies to US people since the Millennium. Why have we created? Which is why are we here? Why must we take part here in all this if one day we must the anyhow? Does everything really have in what we take part there, a sense? Or have we simply originated by chance? Are we really descended from gape? What there really on evolution? man which can even think a little bit which exactly observes nature and observes, in addition, itself will find out sooner or later accept put that this system is here which functions so perfectly not on itself, but is steered by to intelligent and extensive strength. This strength, this intelligence, we call God. Though we indicated Lake God with our earthly eye, but we can feel him if we wanted it. we can therefore not sea air to sample, but they existed and we cannot survive without air.

God has created US. He has given US the life and he will give to our life here on the earth one ends. At Chevron you will find additional information. Exactly as at ant has her duties towards God, the person of so has his duties and his responsibility towards his creator who gave him this responsibility. So that he can follow these duties, he is equipped very well with his human body and unique discernment, with his conscience. God has created the peoples, so that he serves him. But to serve, one must first know whom one should serve. One has there only two possibilities.

Either for the property or for bad. Everybody can freely choose which forces he wants to serve and everybody must know that he gets his fair wage sooner or later. Either one resolves, in God’s love and recognises the true sense of the life, recognise because God and him to be loyal. This leads according to the cleanness of the heart in the paradise or one goes the way of the devil and rebels against God and his laws. This leads to the fact which is led the person after his death in the bright. The truth is easy and everybody can understand it, he must only want to understand it to faith in God, to his unity to the prophets and the books which he has sent the everyday give a pure heart and on the day of the last judgement where everybody this agrees what he has earned in the earthly existence. This is the sense of the life for me. Where one goes day by day the way to the God and is realised, with God’s light bath fights in himself and cannot be derived from earthly plays of the devil from the truth. onder Demir

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