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Life Success

Posted by hotelnur on 3rd September 2015 in News

When we went to school, we were told that if we studied hard and work tirelessly to get good grades, I was very sure that we reach a good job and would achieve success in our lives… But, what is meant by success? If that means being in a job that I don’t like much and waiting for the pension when you retire, then give you some freedom and comfort in their old age, then perhaps schools were right. There are some people who are very happy in their jobs or careers, and that is perfect. That is success. But I think that the vast majority are not. Some people define success by the amount of money they earn, or hope to make wealth. That’s OK, provided they are happy and made at the same time or even before they are managing to win all that desired money, if in the meantime they feel satisfied, then all is well.

But we all know, or at least they have heard, that money does not automatically imply happiness, do we define the? success in terms of money, if you still are not satisfied? If you earn much money in a job.But if you don’t have the time to spend it and really enjoy your life social, sentimental, personal, then, this really worthwhile? Personally, the definitions above do not work for me, and I don’t think I’m the only one. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to much money, because certainly if I want it. But the money only not the same success for me. Perhaps we all have our own definition of success, but for me, a successful life is about achieving goals, freedom and happiness now. It is possible to succeed all the time, even if they have not reached yet its objectives and fulfill their dreams. It is possible to enjoy the trip, while you are building your dreams.