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Balcony Cosmic Ramiro Pinto

Posted by hotelnur on 15th November 2015 in News

What don’t know, even in the Europe of today, Ramiro Pinto? Madrid provinces, in all provinces where corrupted power, veteran environmentalist, genuine eurocandidato of the Greens at the time, superactivista of injustice, of anarchism, the moaning birches of life; playwright, powerful vindicating social, educador through art and theatre, Economist of basic income and, above all, writer of the people, eternal and wonderful fireproof marginal (in the center of life beyond wherever you are) that mina and pollutes the mighty ruin in a manner imperceptible ultimately as a droplet of water that freezes in the rock and just make it skip into pieces. Who’s afraid of Ramiro Pinto? Always social, interactive, having informed, not confident, but as devastating bidder from new directions, all Presidents of the democracy Government of Spain, with their tozudas and truthful ideas of a possible world, of another human, social and fair Avenue. And so many people, sociologists, teachers, civil servants, housewives, parents of students, journalists and bankers which function do that quasi mystical air and this bustle of ideas, in a large and good-natured, body to which such miscellany? It is a costume which, as the spider when traps, puzzles. Restless and even more that uncomfortable at the time posed homey ramanso, complaisent foster care. Why in the minds of all of them, which exegeticamente has brushed against, is the ideology, subliminal Ramiro Pinto literature and not its hombredad, its name and its category of social transformer? When Ramiro Pinto will be recognized with all of the law? Not as modern legal scribe, which is what you intend to reduce it, but perceived with all fair weight; for what it is: divine terrorist of the spirit, surprise wrath of God, with your pump between the hands, that of writing, awakening to the consumerist society, demagogizada, of your damn lethargy, instilling natural value, of your true immanence and that lost and penetrating flavor that already has spread; and know live and save to the most destitute contemporaries. .