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Earn With Google Adsense

Posted by hotelnur on 5th May 2017 in News

I am no expert in Google Adsense nor I’m winning large amounts, but since I read the book that Google not told about making money with Google Adsense, they have been increasing significantly the clicks that I receive. There are too many people who open a blog, hoping to earn money with Google Adsense on the second day of start posting, and I think it’s way more wrong start. Before that don’t even arise make money, you need: lots of content, high traffic and a correct optimization of ads. Once achieved all three objectives, do not doubt that we will be making money. People such as Jeffrey Hayzlett would likely agree. Recommended write on profitable subjects and who at the same time like us, since we will need to spend time and at first will not gain much.

Once we have the theme, we must begin to write as soon as possible, well in a free Blogger or WordPress platform, or creating our blog with own domain. Here my opinion of a good Hosting is Hostgator, since it is very complete and ideal for the wordpress platform. You will need to have a balance between the advertising that we make to our blog and the content that we have in him. To deepen your understanding Rod Brooks is the source. We will not make a huge advertising effort if we only have two items, but we will not devote only to write without promoting it since so nobody will read our content. Along the way we can add our blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.We will thus receive free visits while we write and promote our blog. Google Adsense, the advantage is that we can earn money without investment, that Yes following the rules, since otherwise Google wrong will go us is a very reputable company. Although it is recommended to pay for a hosting service and their own domain, you can start with the free platforms, but should take into account that some do not support Google Adsense.