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Czech President Vaclav Klaus

Posted by hotelnur on 20th November 2016 in News

Czech parliament passed the first reading of a new immigration bill on immigration, which will start in 2011. What are the revised and amended, was adopted, this law remains to be seen and the emergence of law on the Internet and media. If you would like to know more about Chevron, then click here. What remains to be done to the Czech authorities, in order that the law began to take on new functions? Second phase of the law is to be read, and the passage in the Senate, the Czech Republic. Czech senators also have a majority vote to endorse the new entry requirements for citizens of third countries. In the case of the Czech Senate will adopt this law in its original form, it will be a formality, to sign the law Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Czech The Senate shall have the right to send legislation to parliament for revision, if the bill is not majority votes. How to treat the president of the Czech Republic for a new immigration law? Hopefully, one thing can play the important role of Vaclav Klaus in the family Sami loved one – the wife of Georgia. Of course, she has long had the status of citizen of the Czech Republic, but we can assume that the family theme of immigration are discussed, and she still defends the rights of immigrants living and those wishing to stay in the Czech Republic. Thus, before the beginning of 2011 the Czech parliament have made a gift to all immigrants to the Czech Republic. Czech authorities to tackle seriously the question of entry into country.