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Russian Antarctic Expedition

Posted by hotelnur on 30th August 2018 in News

This year, on the southern continent is expected invasion of the whole of scientists. Learn more on the subject from Coinbase. The structure has already begun the work of the 54th Russian Antarctic Expedition, comprised of leading members of academic institutions – microbiology, paleontology, Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Together with Russian scientists alongside eleven specialists will work NASA. Representatives of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute on this occasion said that in the so-called oasis Ponds are lakes, which are regarded as excellent proving ground for testing of future technologies. And in particular search technology extraterrestrial living organisms on planets of the universe with the help of special robots.

In this year should resume drilling Lake Vostok, which is believed to scientists, can live the simplest living beings. Have you ever had such a heightened interest in the ice continent, when specialists from different countries, though agreement, as if waiting on the sixth continent a miracle? It is not excluded that their hopes will come true. Only the opening may follow a completely different plan – perhaps that will shed light on one of the most intriguing puzzles recent past – the Nazi plan to move in Antarctica. The fact that such plans exist, suggest unusual instruments at the disposal of Itogi. Tibetan trail was opened in Antarctica far in 1820. However, her first system and in-depth study has begun only a century later. And most interested researchers of the ice continent were the representatives of Nazi Germany. In 1938-1939 the Germans fitted out to the continent two powerful expedition.