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BestWater AG

Posted by hotelnur on 19th September 2016 in News

Direct flow reverse osmosis filter by BestWater is the international BestWater AG already for several decades, leading manufacturer of water filter systems on the basis of the reverse osmosis. Also the numerous references prove this. Ranging from countless messages about a coffee chain with over 16,000 branches to over 600,000 satisfied customers all over the world. With the fountain of 66-10/66-11, a concept was developed for a reverse osmosis water filter, that everything is up hitherto unprecedented in the shadows and will revolutionize the industry. Through years of experience and close customer loyalty by BestWater and an untold number of hours of development, BestWater has created a new generation of the water filter on the basis of reverse osmosis for domestic use. The 66-10 fountain and the fountain of 66-11 deliver the most purest and schadstofffreiste water, which you have ever had! No matter what you also prepare the ingredients will unfold their full aroma with BestWater water and you will experience an unprecedented taste experience. Your family and your guests will be from Their food and drink be amazed! Both water filters produce the pure water in the so-called direct-flow method. This means the direct water production without intermediate storage in a storage container. The fountain of 66-10 and 66-11 is characterized by a compact design. This is barely larger than a standard drink box. Direct-flow procedure “Direct-Flow” means that immediately after the filtering that no reservoir pressure is required, the water flows so quickly from the valve. The plant produces the purest drinking water, ideally at least 1.7 litres up to 2.0 liters per minute. The water filtration system is designed so that the membrane is rinsed automatically shortly after the production of 150 l of purified water and then immediately absorbs the water production. Optimized components shall ensure that only 2,2 litres of raw water are needed for 1 litre of pure water.