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Excel People

Posted by hotelnur on 16th November 2015 in News

All persons we Excel in something and yet the percentage of successful people is very low. Much of humanity prefer to stay in your zone of comfort, not to risk and survive, being simple employees sentenced to linear income that often do not reflect their efforts. That’s okay if it is what you want. However, it is evident that the majority of people who carry out this lifestyle, is not satisfied with this situation. And then do because there are so few successful people in business, if we all have something that we stand out? The answer is very simple. All is to follow a series of keys and habits that all successful people carry out.

10 Keys that will determine our success in business are: 1 – write our goals on paper, in the short, medium and long term: it will help us to not distract and divert us from our goals. 2 Set these goals in a realistic manner: there are to pursue possible of achieving objectives and consistent with our possibilities. 3 – Make a plan or method to follow: to reach them and correct it if it is not giving its results. 4 – Focus on the goal: carry out only what serves us and dismiss the actions that do not redituaran us no benefit 5 – patience, respect the times and be consistent in what you do. 6 – Take action constantly:. The results only get with things that are to practice and never by an idea, even if it is excellent.

7 – Learn from our mistakes: it is impossible to avoid mistakes and more if we are beginning. Successful people leverage their failures to improve and educate. Progress is achieved on the basis of our mistakes and not so much in our successes. 8 – Having the habit of the study: always have something to learn. 9-Don’t let rejection stop you: it is easy to get discouraged before the negative opinions of others. It must remain firm in our convictions. 10-Do not resign presented difficulties: is imminent to have no problems. The solution is to focus our energies on solving them and not complain for them. 11 – Delegating tasks: need to leave in the hands third-party things that we don’t know or don’t like to do. So we will avoid unnecessary fatigue, will save time and better be focusing on more important things. 12 – Activities that we like to do: focus on tasks only unwanted generate us despair and bad mood to work. Always remember: the great works crazy geniuses dream of them, ex officio wrestlers execute them sane happy enjoy them and the chronically futile criticize them. Complements these key points with technology that offers Internet, and you will have constant income as you’ve never imagined. Notes the advantages offered by the web: why work on the Internet?

Balcony Cosmic Ramiro Pinto

Posted by hotelnur on 15th November 2015 in News

What don’t know, even in the Europe of today, Ramiro Pinto? Madrid provinces, in all provinces where corrupted power, veteran environmentalist, genuine eurocandidato of the Greens at the time, superactivista of injustice, of anarchism, the moaning birches of life; playwright, powerful vindicating social, educador through art and theatre, Economist of basic income and, above all, writer of the people, eternal and wonderful fireproof marginal (in the center of life beyond wherever you are) that mina and pollutes the mighty ruin in a manner imperceptible ultimately as a droplet of water that freezes in the rock and just make it skip into pieces. Who’s afraid of Ramiro Pinto? Always social, interactive, having informed, not confident, but as devastating bidder from new directions, all Presidents of the democracy Government of Spain, with their tozudas and truthful ideas of a possible world, of another human, social and fair Avenue. And so many people, sociologists, teachers, civil servants, housewives, parents of students, journalists and bankers which function do that quasi mystical air and this bustle of ideas, in a large and good-natured, body to which such miscellany? It is a costume which, as the spider when traps, puzzles. Restless and even more that uncomfortable at the time posed homey ramanso, complaisent foster care. Why in the minds of all of them, which exegeticamente has brushed against, is the ideology, subliminal Ramiro Pinto literature and not its hombredad, its name and its category of social transformer? When Ramiro Pinto will be recognized with all of the law? Not as modern legal scribe, which is what you intend to reduce it, but perceived with all fair weight; for what it is: divine terrorist of the spirit, surprise wrath of God, with your pump between the hands, that of writing, awakening to the consumerist society, demagogizada, of your damn lethargy, instilling natural value, of your true immanence and that lost and penetrating flavor that already has spread; and know live and save to the most destitute contemporaries. .

Gaining Employment

Posted by hotelnur on 14th November 2015 in News

Andres y Blanca arrived in Madrid eight years ago from Bucaramanga (Colombia) with a suitcase full of dreams and desire to work to improve their situation and the family left there. After a few months, his effort began to bear fruit: had work and a shared House. At this time they are unemployed. Like them, the Latin American immigrant population anguish now with the possibility of losing the savings or housing. The drama of unemployment doubly affects immigrants because, as the rest of the unemployed, have to deal with housing rent payments, child support, or even the term of a mortgage, but also in their countries of origin, their children, parents or siblings depend on their shipments of money to eat, pay the school or having a roof where shelter.

Since the beginning of the global economic crisis, many businesses have closed and a large number of workers have been left without employment. Currently, there are more than four million unemployed in Spain. But the crisis is hitting strong human groups most vulnerable. In the last quarter of 2008, there were registered 780,000 immigrants without employment in Spanish territory. This year it is expected that the figures are much higher, since the destruction of employment continues. The most affected by this bad situation immigrants come from Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

As Andrew and white, that are on the European shore of the ocean, also suffer from the effects of the crisis their families, who have survived the economic support that so far came them. According to data from the Bank of Spain, remittances dropped 8.455 million euros in 2007 to 7.840 last year. A decline of more than 600 million euros. Before the difficulty to find a job again, many immigrants do freight, small bungling of masonry or painting houses. Women without young children in your charge still work in domestic service, hospitality, and caring for children or elderly people.