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Time Management

Posted by hotelnur on 28th June 2014 in News

Let’s define what exactly the time management; This has been heard often in this busy world. You can see thousands of salespeople or managers of businesses trying to manage well the time. And it is that time management is included as one of the main topics in management studies and also many experiments are made to make surrender hours effectively. There are many strategies that, indeed, have a session separately for that. So if you ask some people can manage the time, the response can be very simple.

Plan and record their daily activities assigned to each of these spaces of time required actions, and thus complete the activities according to the calendar. Can you guess how many of these people achieved with previous recommendations have a percentage of success much greater? The reason behind the problem of the alleged lack of time is that we never do a self-assessment, and jump directly to do a job rather than assign times for This is. Why is that also many people say often do not understand themselves, without knowing who do not plan their activities and that’s why not achieve their goals. A couple of things that could help us identify ourselves mentioned below. So start by making a list of them and then automatically you can use time very effectively. First, make a list of your strengths; do another of their weaknesses; one more with its objectives; identify what makes you lose time, and make a list of what you did yesterday. The last five key aspects help that you tracked. This should be your first step towards the effective use of time.

The second thing you have to remember is that nobody can manage time. What? But if we are talking about time management. Understand, please: is absolutely true that anyone can manage the time. For example, you can tell that you have available hours (leisure, free time) in one hand and productive hours on other side. Here the productive hours are the key and not the hours available. The body and mind must be capable of doing any kind of activities. This is the main thing before doing anything. If your body and your mind are not in condition, then it does nothing expose any type of time management principles. Just keep in mind if you’re getting sick frequently, the time which passes especially in a doctor’s Office. So take care of your health and your mind. Reference: Losing the time you lose your life Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Administration of the time management courses, does take one 6 practical tips for managing time wasting time you lose your life? Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Management of the losing the time you lose your life Time course of time management management, does take one time in school life management, talk to your children? Good time management and administration Management of the losing the time you lose your life Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Administration of the time management courses, why take one


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Your vocation to serve others. Myself I have written that you must follow a series of steps or model to write in your blog, I mentioned that you should writing to sell and that there are technical effective to keep your readers glued to your blog, but you know something, this is not the more important, the most important that SCRIBES to serve to the other, and that do you giving them valuable information without asking anything in return and actually do this is marketing, Marketing of the good – Marketing relations!, this type of marketing talking about you and the relationship with others, shows you such as you are in the world of business and you are also as person and here there is magic. This love to the most people. WHICH is your greatest asset: response: your blog but there is one condition the condition that a BLOG is your best asset, it is 100% yours, first build your blog and this includes having your own domain name and your own Hosting or Web hosting, then valid will that you build other blogs to generate free traffic to your main blog, and I speak of free blogs like or when the Blog is 100% yours, have an active online, this is really yours. A free blog at any time you can cancel or give low and a blog of your property no. Ligado to your Blog you must generate an active presence and stay updated, maybe at this time facebook and Twitter are very popular, consed tomorrow disappear or lose its potential one does not know.

Organizes your work hours in capitalizing on your own Blog and not rely for free, build your asset and that is your BLOG. Social networks => to your BLOG: => the best destination. The blog is the best destination where you were sending to your followers. There generate more confidence through articles, tips, videos or other presentations as seminars live, motivalos to subscribe to your list of loyal subscribers and create your Marketing Enbudo, but remember something; ALWAYS GIVE THEM SOMETHING OF VALUE.