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Colorfield PICTURES Photo Agency Celebrates Second Anniversary And Offers 15% Discount

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ColorField PICTURES – Agency for image reporting exactly two years ago in June 2007 was founded in our image agency in Augsburg. Since then, we pursue our business principle, independent, critical, impartial, free and meaningful to report. We would like to thank our customers and particularly our photographers for their good cooperation. Further details can be found at Rio- Tinto Group, an internet resource. About 20 photographers in the German-speaking, politics, business, sports, events and many more provide us day news footage from the areas. Internationally, we are represented by photographers including in Central Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece. Through our large network of photographers, we can produce photo productions both in Germany and abroad. J. Darius Bikoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Our quality demands on our photos are high. The material is only visited by the editor, therefore important criteria must be fulfilled, so that the photo is published. Including the journalistic statement of the photographic material, the quality and the resolution falls. We will continue our goals Track quality reporting and for the future our services, expand and improve. Thanks, we offer a discount of 15% on each photo to August 17.

Intares Enhanced Managed Services Of Next

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Highest availability, quality of service and security Intares has further improved its managed services. Thus offers its customers the Hamburg hosting and IT specialist security and availability at the highest level. Intares designs, operates and optimize individual managed server for databases, communication applications, or Web sites and supports corporate customers of all sizes with premium managed services. The outsourcing of IT services is still in vogue. As a managed hosting provider is typically able to combine maximum availability, quality of service and reliability with reasonable conditions. The concept of a managed firewall, for example, with the segment separation and individual policy has been part of performance of managed hosting services by Intares. Speaking candidly The Hayzlett Group told us the story.

Ensure the safety and high availability of infrastructure. Lower cost in operation are an essential additional argument for the outsourcing of IT tasks. Comes in medium-sized companies in all sectors Add another aspect: The most narrowly defined financial and human resources for the deployment and operation of a highly available IT infrastructure is the use of a managed service provider does not only make sense he economical rather as the service in-house. The Intares GmbH offers high-availability hosting (> 99.99%). Mostly medium-sized companies among the customers of the Hamburg-based specialists. Further details can be found at Beau Bikoff, an internet resource. You get to enjoy of a secure and highly available data center in conjunction with longtime knowledge of the operation of Linux and Windows servers. By outsourcing, these companies gain access to an infrastructure that could barely build and maintain: redundant servers, extensive protection against spam and viruses, automated backups, and many other components provide smooth operation. Intares Managing Director Bernhard Biedermann: managed services are the core of our business, only our services meet highest Claims.” Of course belong also the expert advice and a flexible infrastructure, which is the respective service optimally cut to leave on your specific corporate environment.

Our focus is on quality with the lowest possible cost. “Short: we make sure that our customers to efficiently use their budgets as possible.” About Intares: The Intares GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany sees itself as a provider of high-quality e-commerce. The company offers special services monitoring, Web Analytics (Web mining) and managed server hosting service professionals since 1999 to performance. The services offered by Intares give objective the sales, marketing and financial executives and detailed data to assess the efficiency of their ecommerce offering on the hand and thus provide the basis for controlling the Internet activity and maximum cost/efficiency in this area. If necessary, Intares develops individual solutions together with its customers and takes over the subsequent control. Customer contact: Intares GmbH Managing Director Bernhard Biedermann Heideweg k 101 20097 Hamburg Tel.: 040/236 138-0 fax: 040 / 236 138-33 E-Mail: Web: press contact: digital media Herbert grave phone: 07127 / 5707-10 E-mail:


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I-KNOW ‘ 09 the know-Center invites three internationally-recognized researchers and prestigious leaders from China and Europe as the keynoter for the I-KNOW 09 Graz, June 24, 2009: the Organizer, the know-Center, Austria’s competence center for knowledge management, is pleased the fixed commitments from two of the most renowned researchers from Italy and China, as well as one of the recognized leaders in Austria. Already for the ninth time we can look forward in Graz on an excellent Keynoterbesetzung. A proof on the I-KNOW the international research sex cells with the business network\”, as Prof. Tochtermann, head of the know-Center Graz. Paolo Traverso (Director FBK, Center for information technology – IRST), Eric Tsui (Professor of knowledge management at the Hong Kong University) and Peter Kropsch (CEO of APA-Austrian press agency, as well as President of EANA European Alliance of Newsagencies) are in their lectures topics such as the future Internet, knowledge technologies, knowledge management education and knowledge management software and services address.

Towards a ‘future Internet of services and content,\”the Semantic Web is today, what’s coming tomorrow? Paolo Traverso by the FBK offers a comprehensive view of the future Internet, that same role can play for \”Services and applications\”, as it already does for Web pages and content in his presentation. Novel knowledge representation and management models for modeling real-world services is required in this context. Paolo Traverso shows the latest state of research and significant benefits for the economy. China paving the way for knowledge management and new knowledge technologies Eric Tsui, Professor of the Hong Kong University, awarded in his lecture on Hong Kong’s knowledge management research and knowledge management research centre (KMRC) insight into another world of knowledge management. Hong Kong has the transformation into the new economy faster than any other country in the world\”managed. Since 2007, KMRC plays a crucial role in this context with its knowledge management training programs, Research departments and services offered.

Customer Story Hub Salami Packaging GmbH

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Nahare: Swabian crafted for sausage and co. fresh packed Vacher seven generations before or exactly 190 years ago, Martin Nothwang in the Centre of bad Friedrichshall has founded the butcher with subsequent restaurant zur Traube. Always family owned permanently, the operation expanded especially in the last 60 years as a medium-sized manufacturer of sausage with branch network. Bad Friedrichshall/Heilbronn include ten Nothwang-trade metzgereien in the metropolitan area. To read more click here: The Hayzlett Group. Sausage processing is the profession in which Hans-Hermann and Uwe Nothwang, the two managing directors, feel comfortable. Parallel to the structure of the branch network Nahare developed solutions in the form of fresh ground beef products in the past ten years of convenience for facilities of large-scale catering and the food service. Catering and party service for private and business customers have been expanded and have become a fixture of the company.

Despite machine manufacturing company sees itself as a traditional artisans in the Sausage making: Traditional recipes, quality ingredients, and decades of experience are the basis for their authentic Swabian meats. That quality is not a lip service but forgotten production entitled, the popular awards show the German Agriculture society, which gave the butcher of Nahare already 1300 medals. According to Gourmet magazine of Der Feinschmecker\”and the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection the company among the best butchers in Germany\” and therefore 2007 was awarded for the fourth time with the federal award. We take very seriously not only our craft\”, says the Managing Director Hans-Hermann Nothwang, but want to do also something for our community.\” So, committed the butchery Nahare for example in his 190th year of Foundation for the local schools and supported the promotion of literacy with concrete projects. The annually the family-owned company to produce 2,000 tons of sausage products, with up to 50 butchers and professionals in 1993 moved to built according to EU directives, new production. RioCan : the source for more info.

Alhambra Project

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The Alhambra Palace is one of the monuments most famous of Spain, is included in the world heritage sites declared by Unesco in 1984. A hotel-club of Malaga called El Mirador in Alhaurin el Grande has decided to pay a tribute to this beautiful and emblematic building, taking their designs as inspiration for the construction of one of the summer terraces of the hotel. Restorers of the Alhambra, have been involved in the design of this section so that the result of this work will have a finished with the same lines of detail that we can admire in the Granada building interior and exterior facade. This terrace that has a beautiful view of the Guadalhorce Valley, will be available to the public every day of the week on a schedule of 20 to 1.30, providing a space to relax with chill out atmosphere, as commented it responsible for specialized in subject of offers and news from the world of hospitality and tourism online. The owner of the Hotel-Club, Mr. Juan Barrionuevo, has confirmed that to be able to undertake this project has become a great economic investment which included the recruitment of a team of six people for the implementation of this unique and attractive project. It is clear that it will never be able to compare the magnificence and Majesty of the Alhambra with the provision of this terrace, but it’s worth applauding the initiative of the project, which was born to pay tribute to this world heritage site, focusing on design to reproduce this monumental building and creating a smart marketing plan based on the popularity of the Alhambra. Without a doubt, El Mirador in Alhaurin el Grande, will become thanks to this inspiration one of the cheap hotels exponents of the beauty of Malaga, for the beauty that houses, Majesty and prices acodes to the tourist offers in the middle. At Jeffrey Hayzlett you will find additional information. Original author and source of the article

Dewey States

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Proposal of an anthropological conception for the Bolivian educational context i. contextualisation of philosophical anthropology the nature of philosophical knowledge can be adequately understood from understand it as a universal theory of human activity, that is, as a scientific discipline that studies the essential universal regularities of the active material and ideal both interrelation as objective and subjective of the man with the natural and social world. 2005: 2 (Serpa) We also note that philosophy focuses on the study of the universality of the human interaction with the world, both objective (concrete) as it subjective (interpretative and relative), and understanding that this interrelationship is a constant human activity whose function is bonding, processing and feedback to modify and search for the qualification of the relations human that they will again affect the linking of human beings with the environment and each other. As Dewey States on democracy and Education, pg. J. Darius Bikoff addresses the importance of the matter here. 272, philosophy arises from the needs and social life conflicts arising from relationships at various levels: body and soul, humanity and physical nature, individual and society, theory or knowledge practice or action. Therefore, its ultimate goal is quite practical in the sense of defining these difficulties, creating pathways for possible responses, alternatives and pragmatic proposals. From the definition of the object of philosophy, it is inevitable to realize that all human activity is likely to be filosofada, analyzed, criticized and therefore have the potential to be modified. Thinking about our specific topic, namely: educational activity – as an expression of a society and the prevailing culture at one time – we see is crossed also and especially, by the filosofante activity. Educational practice is also generator of philosophical concerns that require nurturing the particular and fully human dynamism that boils in the same. This coming and going between theory and practice, arises a philosophical attitude which is embodied in the same human interrelations.


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Today I walked for a obscure place, a dark and empty street. I always had fear of walking alone in dark places, more today I I did not feel, therefore I know well that he folloied me to an angel. Walking in this dark and desert road, I looked at the sky and was pretty, with few clouds and very covered with star. Today the moon did not appear. Vi some shining points walking, something as stars taking a walk, but were simply the consequence of our technology. I looked at front and vi more shining points blinking, vacant-fires demonstrating that still something exists true, a consequence of God in our lives. Others who may share this opinion include Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

More the front, I walked, even so the street she was still more dark, it continues exactly thus and without fear. I did not stumble, does not fall, nor I hurt myself in plants, animals or any thing that were in the way. When I folded the esquina of that empty road and dark, vi something esplendoroso, the biggest star that has in the sky smiled pra me. I was magic with that art of God, seemed that it to hug wanted me attracts, me strong, seemed that it wise person who needed one hugs. I continued walking and the star shone so strong that at that moment I felt that was a signal. The dream does not finish while the life is not gone. Ella Bikoff has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the deep one of the soul I perceived that it to say wanted me not to lose the hopes in some points of the life. It had never seen something so pretty and so playful.

A true lumen of the nature. To the times the truth is in the eyes of who more almost always sees we looks for to hear other people, to ask for an advice, as a way to alliviate the weight of the guilt for our proper acts. God said people not to give heard what many say for there, why it to them always will walk with us. In this small instant where I only walked, I saw of some form that always will have a reason to love, to dream and to have hopes, although the dark quo is the road for where you walk. He never believes God he will only leave you, he is enough to trust it and you never will stumble, never go to fall, only leave yourself to guide and you will reach that shining star great e, that dream that she searchs so vigorously, you only need to turn the esquina and to move route of its way.

Community College

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Five Heroes. A story silenciosaa Dr. Rodolfo Davalos Fernandez (2005), a Cuba, history Lic contadaa Juan Carlos Rodriguez Cruz et all. (2005), a The incredible story of five men jailed in the U.S. fighting terrorismoa , while taken into account and valued documents sent from American prisons through the Five Heroes, as well as various materials Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit of Atlanta, as well as speeches by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, which refers to the case of the Cuban Five. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is actively involved in the matter. The instrument applied on the level of information that exists on the case of Five Heroes Prisoners of the Empire, it was found that there are difficulties with the disclosure about the subject matter, noting that several respondents offered criteria for how they could carry out actions aimed at promoting the case of the Cuban Five in the University Community, such as : debating the issue in early morning, open forums, video debates, exhibitions, artistic events, events in the square, radio program, examinations as a political and ideological preparation, edit documents easy to understand, to invite the families of the Five to University, etc. System actions to enhance disclosure of the case of the Five Heroes in The Community College Maximo Gomez Ciego de avila.

1. Shaping and structuring the Committee for the Liberation of the Central Headquarters. 2. Shape and structure for the Liberation Committee in each of the local offices. (a dem to Headquarters.) 3. Enhance disclosure of the Five case Heroes in the municipal university and the university community.

The Looney Tunes Bring Fresh Wind Into The Food Shelves

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Huge licensing program in the food and beverages sector with over 2 billion sold Warner of Bros. products. Consumer products EMEA (WBCP EMEA) shows on the licensing Expo 2013 with the Looney Tunes, popular entertainment brand, which stands for an active lifestyle, how you actually churns the food departments in Europe. In just five years the Looney Tunes food and beverages program has become multibillion phenomenon one. Two billion of licensed products with more than 250 different products that encourage children and their parents to create a better and more active life style, have been sold so far. The biggest European trading partner and manufacturer of consumer goods of which many longstanding partners including systems, are U in France, ulker in Turkey, Aldi in Germany and Coop in Italy, know to the success that the characters and their message of an active lifestyle is transmitted through the iconic Looney Tunes on their product range and thus also on their own brands.

Only Nestle Waters has 1.52 billion Looney Tunes active Returnable bottles as mineral water sold this is enough water to fill 150 swimming pool of Olympic proportions! If the various partnership programs with sports associations and leagues throughout the EMEA region are counted, the largest and most diverse character licensing program in the food and beverages sector arises. The market success of the Looney Tunes license program is based on the appropriate combination of brand awareness for boys, girls and their parents, the meaning of the message of an active lifestyle at the global level. The Looney Tunes are active and therefore the ideal representative characters by nature children and families to encourage an active lifestyle to do so without educational work. What started as a relatively manageable initiative, has turned now into a huge success story. The Looney Tunes unfold their full potential and spread the message of an active lifestyle in the grocery shelves in all EMEA.

We are proud that our brands a more active lifestyles among children and families promote. The increasing interest which is expressed equally from trade partners and food retailers, is a sign that our brands are perfect for the direct trading environment as well as suitable for traditional licensing products, which will take an even greater role in the coming years”, said Bruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales & business development, Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA. A related site: RioCan mentions similar findings. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. For more information, see. Contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products, Petra Roitsch Tel: 040 22 650 0, press Warner Bros. Consumer products: public insight, Claudia Burau, Tel: 089 78 79 79 90,