Facebook Startup

A sound methodology enables startups a successful company start lean startup is already more than a textbook for aspiring entrepreneurs. From the best seller by Eric Ries has an entire method for the construction of enterprises and the introduction of new products developed. Checking learning, scientific experiments and iterative releases help to accelerate product development, […]

Tarot Egyptian

The arcane Egyptian harness, passion, XV has its correlate in the devil in the Gypsy tarot. Both symbolize inside tarot Chuck, all related to the primary energy, instinct and creative enthusiasm. The forces of the Earth and nature speak through this letter. Egyptian Tarot, of course, there is the Christian notion of devil. For this […]

Francisco Cndido Xavier

Ignoring the moral laws of Jesus Christ? the Scholar of the Millenia? the person, knowing or not, feeds its suicidal vocation: the suffering. ' ' The Good is more powerful than the error. The freedom of the person, more than on the laws, depends on same it. To have freedom is, therefore, to live the […]

Partner Person

Often couples are separated by lack of communication, tolerance and because basically we think that perhaps with another person on the side we would be better. Get more background information with materials from RioCan . Then when we find new partner, at first everything seems fine, and then, when we discovered the defects of the […]

Latin America

Some considerations may be important: the time zone between Brazil and Mexico can reach four hours of difference; the Colombian lunch schedule is usually late and also longer than the Brazilian. With regard to the linguistic aspect, the Spanish is most commonly used in Brazil to the Portuguese in Colombia and Mexico. Why, generally, the […]

Profitable Use

Take advantage of the possibilities of WEB 2.0 to abdicate while already “almost” as old as the Internet itself is WEB 2.0, but know the “simple Internet surfers’ most till today still don’t what that is exactly, or what it can be used. The term WEB 2.0 is reflected in many areas of the Internet, […]

Planet Human

If, in principle, man if found in the totality with the Nature, became fragmented … (1999, p.1). For in such a way, the society of certain form, must have conscience of that the life of one human being exists, because other human beings make something important to guarantee the survival of it, of this form, […]

Internet Tourism

Andalusia has been opened to rural tourism, tourism of proximity as an obvious outlet for the economic crisis. Smallholders who have become small hotel entrepreneurs and rural homes, which care for his lodgings to have them ready for magazine and offer a quality service to its guests, with those who tend to live in the […]