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Ernest Schneider

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Watches pilot watches for remote control of aircraft cabins and other classic aviation watches constitute the core of the company of Breitling watches. Navitimier, is the most popular Breitling pilot watch model and was manufactured for the first time in 1952 and to date his popularity remains stable. Breitling continues manufacturing the Navitimer and can now be found in different variations, such as the Aerospace and the Chronomat. The Aerospace combines the traditional analog technology with digital influences, has twin digital displays and similar hands. On the other hand, the Chronomat is unique in the sense that it is the first wrist watch to have a bevel with a circular slide rule. Breitling was literally launched to fame when the renowned astronaut Scott Carpenter, used your Breitling watch during his trip to space. To commemorate this event, this particular model was called the Cosmonauts.

Like the majority of Swiss watchmakers who manufacture its watches making use of traditional methods, Breitling faced difficulties when the watchmaking industry entered the era of Quartz. /a>. However, in 1979, Ernest Schneider, an Executive of the company Sicura, purchased Breitling and returned from the edge of the precipice. To this day, Breitling continued manufacturing reliable and fashionable clocks that still have great demand. Among the latest offerings of Breitling is the Emergency, which has the ability to transmit an emergency radio signal if the owner of the watch is lost. Another current model is the Colt-Super-Ocean, which can withstand pressures of up to 100ATM water, which is much more than what other watch models are capable of resisting. With respect to the classical models of Breitling, the owners of these watches can achieve a good price for their watches in case that decide to sell them. Among the most important watchmakers, Breitling stays being the only company that sends each of their clocks to the C.O.S.C.

For Sanchez

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The technological development that before prioritized to benefit the means of production if has come back to the accomplishment of studies and research that also benefits the human being in the most diverse fields. These actions, in its majority, are moved by the necessities of market and, not accurately, by the ambient awareness. Until the decade of 70, the predominant behavior of the companies of the developed countries was the strategy ' ' to poluir stops later despoluir' ' , having as objective with priority, to aumetar the profits in short term, moved for the border economy. For Sanchez (2006), what it determined the unfeasibility of this behavior, was the growth of pollutants and the saturation of the environment as receiving body. In other words, the incapacity for the environment to assimilate of amount of pollutants in the time where they are generated.

Currently, usufructing of the vast available technology, scientists and researchers they had evidenced that with the growth of world-wide population e, consequentemente, the growth of the production, the natural resources are scarce in relation to the demand. From these studies, the nations under the more intent looks each time of its populations, if has strengthenn in creating mechanisms, legal how much in such a way operational, that obtain to conciliate the production, the demand and the natural resources of the planet. As initial step, the regulations had been created that had prescribed the behavior change, commanding the polluting agents to minimizing its ambient impacts. In 1988 he was inserted in the Brazilian Federal Constitution, article 225 saying: All have right to the Environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the Public Power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for future and the gifts generations. The Constitution it bases the process of ambient regulation on the country.

Onitsuka Tigers

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