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By Undertaking Challenges

Posted by hotelnur on 24th September 2015 in News

Starting a business is a challenge, we must be multidisciplinary but there are tasks that we will not be alone, but most importantly, do not forget our goal not to get lost on the way. Entrepreneurship programs are the support and recognition that there are entrepreneurs visionaries that they decided to start their own business, and they are demanding quality services to be competitive. Entrepreneurship programs provide services to equip and build the foundations of a business, this is the generation of ambitious entrepreneurs who dare to dream to believe to propose its future. The application of marketing strategies is the way for the consolidation and maturity of the project should also have solutions technologies and systems enabling it to anticipate changes in the marketing and be competitive. SMEs Colombian profile of the entrepreneur SME in Colombia contributions of SMEs to society obstacles of SMEs half of those who manage the SMEs are the owners.

The parties have more than 10 years managing company. The main function to 64% is the administration. It is followed by sales with 16%. 70% Of the managers of SMEs have advanced higher studies. Managers of SMEs are young managers: 56% have between 25 and 45 years old.

They generate jobs enhance the quality of life of people by distributing the wealth of the country less fortunate households. SMEs represent 9% of the Colombian business park providers have very high bargaining power on the SMEs less than 32% of SMEs use distribution channels seven out of ten directly serving their customers. 37% Of SMEs has made sales to the State in the last 2 years 36% of SMEs must strengthen the area of sales and marketing. Almost 60% has not contracted training or consulting, in the last 2 years. Growth potential will be a reality where entrepreneurs see their business with a strategic vision, support for entrepreneurship and providing tools to form a successful business is the role of the State but they are the same entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who must provide his leadership skills. According to the global perspective that changes and advances swiftly is important for SMEs interested in position, having strategic marketing plans, geared towards the consumer’s behaviour, and count with information systems of marketing (ICTs) for implementation and follow-up which would lead to increase profitability and competitiveness.Also allows you to improve performance, productivity and facilitate decision-making regardless of the size or type of company.


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We can learn to see it as an opportunity rather than a threat. It is possible to train yourself to feel part of a creative process that can influence without controlling it unilaterally. It is very efficient for the systemic management to become agents of change and achieve sustainable results. In any learning approach with systemic perspective is today more necessary than ever because the complexity overwhelms us:-have ability to create more information than anyone can absorb. -An interdependence which is very difficult to manage are being encouraged. -Also it is very difficult to follow the speed of the changes that we are promoting.

-This escalation of complexity is unprecedented in our history. The complexity can be of two types: the dynamics and detail with many varieties. Dynamic complexity occurs because systems change occurs at different time scales and these scales sometimes interact. In the dynamic complexity the cause and the effect are not coming in time or space. You can only understand the effects of a storm contemplating its elements in its entirety.

Never understand it if you do it individually. All these events are separated in space and time. But they are all connected. Each one influences the other. Although, on many occasions, this influence is not evident. The same applies in any organization and all personal, social, business and ecological behaviors. Invisible wefts are interlinked and may take time to produce mutual effects. As we ourselves are part of this warp it is very difficult to see the patterns of change. We tend to focus on isolated parts of the system. We see only snapshots. The majority of our deeper problems are not resolved in this way. The systemic perspective offers a conceptual framework where the overall patterns are clearer, helps us to modify them and see, at the same time, the parties and their subtle interactions.

Marketing Online

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Marketing in the Web and traditional marketing has absolutely the same concepts. Although many consider to marketing in somewhat novel Internet, this is much of being certain. In fact, unique the novel thing is the speed in which the advertisers of all the headings and markets are turning upside down to the publicity online. Nevertheless, to assure us the maximum effectiveness our campaigns of publicity in the Web we will have to remember the basic foundations of marketing, because these same concepts are applied to the publicity in Internet. The unique thing that it changes is the channel. One of the aspects of the marketing processes that usually forget, or to ignore itself is its entailment with the administrative part of the management of a company. Consequently, to make publicity online is much more that to put a pair of announcements of Adwords.

The publicity actions must respond to a strategy, partly tie with sociology, and partly with the economy, that it looks for to satisfy the necessity with the clients in exchange for a profit. Therefore, a planned campaign of good marketing includes a study of market, our position in the same, and compares our products with those of our competitors. The advantage of marketing online in front of other channels is the enormous availability of tools that allow us to quantify of more precise form all these variables that we mentioned. If something lacked to have a closer contact with the clients, and of this form to detect possible demands and needs, they were the social networks, and they already are here for remaining. Thanks to them it is possible to approach of much more direct form potential clients, in order to successfully obtain the necessary information that it helps to direct our strategies us of production of goods and services. Perhaps one of the distinguishing characteristics of marketing online is that in this channel, more than no other, the question of the communication, that is to say how we communicated the advantages of our products and services, he is much more semantic that in other channels. In order to say it with an example, we could create a campaign of graphical publicity with images that did not have anything to see with our product (it is very common, for example, to promote a perfume with images of flowers or landscapes, not directly related to I perfumed in if). But in marketing online the rules of the game much more force to us textual and semantically to be related. Therefore, if it wants to promote a product or service, it olvdese of the metaphors and it refirase to him of maner much more direct.

Dalt Vila

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How to move me in Ibiza Ibiza is an island of small dimensions, the island has only 45 km long and 25 km wide, no destination within its territory is more than one hour by car, which on the other hand, becomes the only option for visiting the attractions of the island, since many of the enclaves are in difficult to access, and of course public vehicles do not arrive. The road network of Ibiza is pretty basic, and although roads arriving to the main centres of population are in excellent condition, to enjoy the best Ibiza and arrive at their remote coves and beaches, caves and steep hills, will need to drive on roads of Earth, and roads. So make sure you when picking up your rental car to carry good local maps showing you the best access to those secret destinations, and if you are one of the very adventurous, you either retire the option of renting a vehicle jeep in Ibiza, you can that you get lot of game. Sites of interest in Ibiza more beyond its world-famous discotheques that tend to be a must-see for tourists, due to its popularity read Pacha, Imsomnia, Space, Eden, Paradis is not should leave the island without having visited: * Dalt Vila: you mean high part of the city: it is the old quarter, which is walled and is where are the remnants of ancient cultures. The wall, did it build Felipe II in the 16th century to protect the city from pirates and Ottomans. It is of Renaissance style and in it the coat of arms of the Crown of Aragon is recorded. On the inside, are located noble houses, the Cathedral and the archaeological museum in the year 1999, UNESCO declared it heritage.

* The Puig de Molins monographic Museum: (Via Romana, open from 10 am to 19 h.): is the best European Museum of Punic art. ** The Necropolis of Puig de Molins: underneath the Museum. They built the Phoenicians in the 7th century b.c., near the city. And he has been since antiquity the cemetery of Ibiza. * Neighborhood of the Penya and pump: this neighborhood is located just below Dalt Vila and has great atmosphere day and night.

Life Success

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When we went to school, we were told that if we studied hard and work tirelessly to get good grades, I was very sure that we reach a good job and would achieve success in our lives… But, what is meant by success? If that means being in a job that I don’t like much and waiting for the pension when you retire, then give you some freedom and comfort in their old age, then perhaps schools were right. There are some people who are very happy in their jobs or careers, and that is perfect. That is success. But I think that the vast majority are not. Some people define success by the amount of money they earn, or hope to make wealth. That’s OK, provided they are happy and made at the same time or even before they are managing to win all that desired money, if in the meantime they feel satisfied, then all is well.

But we all know, or at least they have heard, that money does not automatically imply happiness, do we define the? success in terms of money, if you still are not satisfied? If you earn much money in a job.But if you don’t have the time to spend it and really enjoy your life social, sentimental, personal, then, this really worthwhile? Personally, the definitions above do not work for me, and I don’t think I’m the only one. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to much money, because certainly if I want it. But the money only not the same success for me. Perhaps we all have our own definition of success, but for me, a successful life is about achieving goals, freedom and happiness now. It is possible to succeed all the time, even if they have not reached yet its objectives and fulfill their dreams. It is possible to enjoy the trip, while you are building your dreams.