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Tradition Or Trend? -Dirndl In Changing Times

Posted by hotelnur on 8th October 2016 in News

atixo wholesale brings modern life more costumes the seasonal boom of the Dirndl is approaching: the Oktoberfest and other similar events attract an audience of millions. Many visitors are now looking after her outfit with which they want to celebrate these days. But why is this previously rather unjustly considered robe always so popular? It is the roots with old traditions, or simply the possibility, with a perky snippet the faster to glamour? Danny rural women proudly wear their Dirndl of course all year round if necessary and that. Often have these clothes, as previously the historical costumes, a regional reference. This can be a motif or a special decoration. These garments are mostly very high quality and will be for many years by the owners and nurtured. There are however also Dirndl lovers, who dressed like the earlier working dress to special and seasonal events. Since the Oktoberfest or a similar Festival is perfect for this.

For such women, the Dirndl is a costume and wearing corresponds to a represented longing more (Schmielsche theory). This woman looks around like after failed and changing Dirndl models. We would like to present the same outfit Yes not every year. We observe a growing demand for years after Dirndl”reported Sarah Kuflewski, Managing Director of atixo GmbH. our range is indeed failed and quite sexy, but we attach great importance on style. Even with our girls. That track the customers and appreciate it,”she continues. We design new models, with different influences and materials.

You still recognizes that it’s a Dirndl. It is well accepted.” To the question whether they include the Dirndl as a trend would, the experienced business woman denies. No, the Dirndl has a traditional history. Tradition provides many security and traditional revived most of the time. Also in the fashion.” Also a study by 2011, this shows that just under 3% of the population immediately join the new fashion”(statista). Many access like to tried and tested”back, even if it is offered readily altered circumstances. Also 44% of respondents, namely that said that they rather fall back on old habits at the dress question (statista). Also many well-known fashion designers for years, deal with the subject of Dirndl and designing new creations. For designers is a traditional garment, which they can reinterpret certainly of interest. This Haute Couture”is not affordable and also often unsustainable but for everyone. Garments from pret a-porter (ready-to-wear) collections are much more meaningful for the general public. To the initial question can be said after the individual aspects that the tradition as well as a beautiful cleavage for the Dirndl top performers play a role. And the offer is varied: colorful, tone on tone, with or without apron or thematic basis, such as the Example a football-Dirndl or the like. Thus continues a tradition that seems always modern with the unlimited possibilities of design. We all can survive the Dirndl! atixo GmbH is a global wholesaler in lingerie, costumes and sexy fashion since 2006. The young, rapidly expanding company sells its fresh and offbeat products via an online mail order. The customer base includes retailers with retail store or online shop. In may 2012, the new own brand Saresia was launched, the “by nature naughty” presented clothes for the woman. Contact for this press release: Alexandra Leonhardt of atixo GmbH at the Rotboll 2 64331 Weiterstadt T: + 49 (0) 6150/9790-100


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In this way, to the measure that the child grows, its art goes reflecting its increasing awareness of the people and of it influences of these in its life, the child starts to adopt them in a great percentage of its thematic content. Thus to the author it detaches in the book the importance of the artistic process, in itself exactly, providing a way of social development, that is, the art provides the chance of social interaction with the children of the same age, through the works in groups can cooperate having the biggest conscience of the contribution of each individual. Leo Schachter Diamonds has much experience in this field. As Lowenfeld cites: This capacity alone can be developed, if the child to learn to assume the responsibility for the things that is making, will be capable to face its proper action and, thus making, to identify itself with they outrem. The creative activities supply an excellent one half to give important step (Pg.44). Under such aspect the author considers the art as a primordial way of communication and, as such, is become into more social expression of what personal. The drawing can thus, becomes a magnifying of I in the world of the reality. This feeling of social conscience is the beginning of the understanding of ampler world, by that the child started to take part. 1,6 Developments Aesthetic the aesthetic development, is related the sensitive capacity to integrate experiences in one all coeso, in accordance with Lowefeld each artistic material possesss different requirements, in function of its aesthetic use, that is the aesthetic one closely is tied with the personality, the organization lack or the dissociao of parts, inside of a drawing, can, to be a signal of the lack of psychic integration of the individual. Therefore the education can be faced as the evolution of the aesthetic behavior. 1.7 Creative development the creative development is related the emotional freedom: freedom to explore and to try, freedom to become involved itself, emotionally, in the creation.