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International Conference

Posted by hotelnur on 13th April 2016 in News

Many times we ask in them on what it is more important to be happy to have health, much money, clothes of the fashion, a mansion, and for there the rejection Therefore it is, to reflect a little on this would like to share with the excessively reading text to follow ' ' Penguin in focus Joo Cricket, reporter of the Forest Leaf, interviewed the great ecologist, Mr. Penguin-of-Adlia, in the International Conference of the Environment. REPORTER: It could you in saying why the penguins to them are classified as birds, if they do not fly? PENGUIN (smiling): This is an old history. We are sea birds. He sees, my body completely is re-covered of penalty. these my paddles already had been wing have many and many generations. Perfectly we are adapted to the life of the sea. REPORTER: It is truth that the penguins swim in a surprising speed? PENGUIN: Well, some penguins of our colony obtain to make 20 kilometers for the moment.

I, particularly, taste to make evolutions. To give pulls in water and to fall in foot on an ice block! REPORTER: as is the familiar structure of the penguins of its group? PENGUIN: Very we are well married. Nobody is divorced. Our women put two eggs per year. the hatching couple the eggs, alternatingly, in the nests. We are modern couples.

REPORTER: the organization of the colony? PENGUIN: Our filhotinhos are in day-care centers. All juntinhos. He is pretty to see. When it makes very cold, them form an immense ball. REPORTER: as is that vocs they identify its younglings? PENGUIN: Heart of mother is not deceived. It is deceptive? REPORTER: Which is the subject of its conference in this meeting? PENGUIN: I go to speak, accurately, on the familiar ecology. On the necessity of all the beings if to group in colonies, in families, one helping another one. Because the biggest pollution that exists in the world is the lovelessness It is not? Mr. Pingim was even so with its casaca and its smile that had come of frozen lands of Antarctica. ' ' (HISTORIES OF SONIA ROBATTO) now? How we are? How it is our familiar relationship? It will be that we are choosing optimum way for the happiness!

Working With Criticism And Objections

Posted by hotelnur on 9th April 2016 in News

What do you feel when you criticize? How do you react when you disagree? Do you feel dependent on other people's opinions and the fear of critical evaluation? If you are emotional, it is likely that within you all literally boil. But the emotions – a bad adviser, especially in sales. Fear of objections can completely block in your initiative and desire to communicate with customers. If you want to become a best seller, for you it is unacceptable. Presented here are techniques for dealing with objections and criticisms will help you to overcome any barriers in business negotiations. The advantage of the above techniques lies in the fact that they are effective not only in sales, but also in everyday life.

Afraid of criticism? – Become a barrel! Natalia Rom in training 'Kamasutra communication' leads an interesting metaphor, you will be able to use effectively, meeting with criticism and objections of customers. If you have not yet formed a wholly self-confidence and you are sometimes influenced by the opinions of others, then using this technique you can easily overcome this dependence. N. Rum compares self-dependent with glass of water, filled with water. If such a glass to pour a cup of water (opinion of another person), then the glass overflow, and the water spill over the edge. Depending on what kind of proposition was (praise or criticism), a person with a model of self-experience cramming his enthusiasm or indignation. Another type of self-esteem – self-sustainable, free from the strong influence of others, inherent self-confident person.


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To be successful, you first need to believe in yourself. One of the greatest fears of human beings, with death, speaking before thousands of people is what people will say! The fear of criticism! Thousands of people abandon their goals, their goals for fear of criticism, for fear they will say, is it not common to see people who say that I would do this, but not like my parents, or think, or …. . I was born to do this but my friends will say, I do not work q! Because we have to truncate our goals our happiness, for fear of criticism? It is illogical, unjust, we have the courage to ignore criticism, ridicule ironic, and even the humiliation and made our way to success against everything and everyone! The only way to live is that, pushing ourselves to do what we think we came to do in this world! We have the ability, talent, virtue, full in the service of people, of humanity, to hell with ironic laughter, with the mockery, criticism, mockery of stupid people poor and mediocre! If you do I’m 100% sure of success that no man will laugh at you, no man millionaire criticize you, but if you will envy those who fear and hate to see successful people near them! Do not tolerate it! Stay away from them, get away, take them off and start off with courage, with faith, courage, your new path to success, to happiness, to money, to freedom, to personal growth, in order to God and Full Life! ..