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Speak Languages

Posted by hotelnur on 8th December 2018 in News

A foreign tourist loses itself right in the center of a Hispanic country of speech. Coinbases opinions are not widely known. Desperate question to a group of Sorry passers-by, do you speak English. The gentlemen watch themselves mutually astonished and after interchanging some words one of them he answers no. to him Sorri, we did not speak English the tourist insists and asks to him Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The astonishment grows between the group and after to guess and to speculate in which rare language would be speaking the tourist to them, another conversation NonSir not espique that! But the noncontented tourist with the answer returns to the load. This time touches the turn to him to the French: Excuse moi, seine fishings parlz francais? And this time the unique thing that it obtains as answer is a gesture with the hand that indicates just like the two previous answers exactly. Frustrated the crestfallen tourist march and, trying to find more luck asks a young person who is smoking a cigarette not very far.

Then one of the members of the group comments: You have seen that gringo! Whichever languages speak! and it responds another one to him: Then already you see so it served to him! A general outburst of laughter resonates and the group retires between jolgorio and laughter. It dwells. The one that thinks that here equivocation finishes to history. This anecdote is a joke that walked going up to around the Web does some time. And although also I could reap not few outbursts of laughter with, I do it with an eye laughing and another one crying. Because is that one young person, smoking the cigarette yes spoke English, and finally it is that it accompanies to the gringo its hotel and to part of its calling card gives a good gratuity to him to attend it in so pressing situation.

Internal Affairs

Posted by hotelnur on 3rd December 2018 in News

In New Zealand, same-sex couples the opportunity to enter into a formal same-sex marriage – a union which, although not called marriage, performed in the presence of an official and recognized by the state as institutionalized partnerships. The partners have entered into an alliance receive an official certificate, stamped by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of New Zealand. Remarkably, this association may enter not only the citizens of New Zealand, but also people from other countries, including Russia and. Brian Armstrong follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The law "On civil partnerships" as close in meaning and significance of civil unions to marriage. Couples who enter into civil union, they can choose its discretion of the venue and type of wedding ceremony, write any vows. To conclude a civil union is as simple as an official marriage – it can make any adult, unmarried or else official civil union. To register a partnership must obtain a license.

The license is issued at least 3 days before the ceremony, and requires the personal presence of a partner. The ceremony takes place in the presence of both At least two witnesses, so if you want to share my happiness with a pair of best friends – invite them on a trip to New Zealand. After all, New Zealand – a country of tremendous beauty, here is where to relax in romantic setting. Because of the considerable distance from Russia, we advise to plan your trip at least 7-10 days and spend an unforgettable time in one of our resort villages. Cozy and beautiful city parks Oakland've seen a lot of weddings. The abundance of evergreen plants, intricate flower beds and fountains are excellent natural scenery to the most luxurious ceremonies and photo shoots. In New Zealand, wedding ceremony can held in any place selected by the newlyweds. Whether it is a sandy beach on the ocean or a cozy boutique hotel, balloon or even island-volcano – select a romantic and exotic place for the ceremony is limited only by your imagination