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Ivan Ganchegui

Posted by hotelnur on 29th May 2016 in News

Today already are very few people who still do not know the meaning of the acronyms ECDL. There is no doubt that you’re not one of them, because the canto del loco has become one of the most famous music groups and with more pull of all Spain. While the Group was created by their singer, Dani Martin, and Ivan Ganchegui, who would abandon the group ahead, five components would take a few years more to meet and settle permanently. Now these four guys delight us every year with new singles that make us vibrate and wanting to move on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. There is no us who stop us or them! No doubt constitute a musical revolution within our borders. His style, a mix between pop and rock them are referred to as power pop, makes them unique and unmatched, and its simplicity, warmth and closeness makes them one of the groups most loved by his followers. In these moments is already possible to be up to date on as for the innovations of their tours of our country and its concerts.

Their live performance is a show of great power, so do not hesitate and already get ahold of your tickets to see the song of the fool in his upcoming tour (tickets canto del loco). And don’t forget that to enjoy the rest of groups and national and international solitas making scale in the great capital, can purchase tickets through sale tickets Madrid. Finally the technological era also brings us to our idols.

Convention Affiliates

Posted by hotelnur on 22nd May 2016 in News

Obviously most of the marketeros of membership systems do not use this method of communication because it can be time consuming and costs increase. The trick here is to use long distance rate flat with no distance limitation for calling some of your affiliates depending on the achievements achieved or any topic in particular. For example, if five of your affiliates have a great month, call them and congratulate them. Call the five takes you less than an hour a day. If you have any affiliate that previously did well, but it has now dropped its performance, give him a call and find out why. You can check the efficiency of a single call and how it can improve the bottom line. Method #7: Postal mail despite the postal mail is very little used these days, precisely that is the reason why you use it.

The only drawback is the high cost that has. The fee varies according to the place where you want to send. Obviously this is not something you do often, because the cost is high, but is something you should consider doing, perhaps once every three months. Some of the programs of affiliate more valued they send postal mail to new members and seems to have a good impression. Method #8: Conventions live if you really are doing things, do a Convention or a seminar for your affiliates It is a great idea, although there are a lot of costs included.

The conventions live are currently unique in the world of affiliate marketing and again it’s exactly why we should do so. A Convention will give your affiliates the opportunity to meet you and to each one personally. Costs can be reduced by requiring your affiliates cover your own hotel, travel costs and most of their food. This makes you need only pay the room conventions and some food.

Tea Time

Posted by hotelnur on 20th May 2016 in News

The glass house restaurant every Saturday until the end of the year the unique Cologne high tea. Cologne, 18 November 2013 – a British man drinks his tea usually with milk, but what drinking a Cologne for tea? A freshly pulled Kolsch. Since early November, the glass house offers restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Cologne a self-payment afternoon tea at. The rheinische alternative to the classic, English traditional experience is the real thing. On a stand, presented traditional delicacies, but still strongly differ from the classic. The too simple sandwiches are hearty Flonz, mett and replace a halven cock.

This is around a poultry or other fancy ideas, but to the Rhenish classic blood sausages, tartar and rolls with matured Gouda cheese. Also that with much fine tuning-backed in vain looking for a sweet, English highlights. Berliner, Krapfen and Opera sections are available at the Cologne high tea high in the course. In addition to the classic selection of teas is a served ice-cold, fresh draught Kolsch. You will find the conclusion for English tradition with unique scones served with clotted cream and jam but Royal. Every Saturday one takes you into Cologne’s restaurant in the Cologne tea nobility, who can enjoy themselves with a unique view on the Cathedral and the old town for 19,00 per person. About Hyatt Regency Cologne Hyatt Regency Cologne is a five star hotel and is located in Cologne’s city centre, in the East of the Rhine district of Deutz.

The station, which are the Cologne fair and LANXESS arena can be reached from the hotel on foot. With 306 rooms and suites it offers incomparable views of the Cologne Cathedral, through the glass Atrium in the restaurant, and a comprehensive meeting and conference space for up to 500 people.

Vamos Summer Catalog 2014

Posted by hotelnur on 19th May 2016 in News

2014 with three other destinations in France, bilingual child care and new outdoor activities Hannover, 05.11.2013 – cause new family trips on French beaches and rivers vamos summer catalog in the vamos summer catalogue 2014 interesting holiday shores. Families in Castle hotels and mansions stay on a cycling trip along the Loire. Thanks to flat routes and child-friendly networking stages have already children from 9 years of fun in your own bicycle seat. Active and enjoyable it is also in the Ardeche, an ideal water sport area for families. Close to the river the Bastide de Sanilhac has found in vamos, a mansion converted into the hotel, whose extensive Gelande invites you to the carefree romping.

The third French novelty lies directly on the sea in Southeast of Corsica. Here, the small apartment complex is a great destination for families who want to dream and meet the wild hinterland of the mountainous island of hiking on long sandy beaches of seaside holiday U Paviddonu. Form the heart of the offer in the summer. nearly 70 trips with childcare. The Andalusian tourist destination of Cuevas la Granja are looked after young guests aged 3 in future even bilingual. During the vacation in extraordinary cave apartments at the foot of the Sierra Nevada a Spaniard from the region brings its language and culture them quite playful. The bilingual care concept of vamos has already been proven in an Italian apartment complex and Golden Palm was awarded with the first place of the prestigious tourism awards 2013.

Even with the accompanying holiday workshop program, fresh ideas attract to many destinations. Out in nature, it comes with new outdoor weeks for children 10 years and older and adults: climbing, canyoning and kayaking make for sporting thrills and can be booked at Cala Santanyi Mallorca Hotel or country house Le Petit Chateau in the Pyrenees. For mountain tourists and bikers Landhotel of Rupertus took vamos in the program: in the Austrian region of Leogang beats the heart of action packed cycling and lead the hosts as trained guides personal tours for all levels of performance. Only away the largest Kids Bike Park in Europe, 200 metres from the hotel waiting sporting talent. The Hanover-based company has two managing directors, 50 employees and about 200 children and guest relations. Quality characteristics of the offered parents kid travel are the imaginative child care, small, personally run by the owners of the houses and the situation in Europe’s most beautiful natural regions. The trips are to 95% in the direct marketing of the customer conveys where the personal telephone consultation is a trademark of vamos.

New Fashion

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We know that when we want to have something well done we have always the chance to ask for aid: the family, to the friends or, in case that if she deals with a work, to the specialized professional. We want to construct something, to organize an event, to manage a company, can want to make of everything a little that or we have bases for this (studying and specializing us in some craft) or have exactly to contract a supplier or somebody makes that it for us. A marriage is an event for which nobody is born taught. We find that it can be simple, to marry and already it is but the party, in itself, it holds innumerable services for which we can not have as much aptitude, time or money to make. In the choice of the place, our house can not be enough for the number of people who we want to invite; the decoration and the details such as the invitations and the souvenirs, the flowers not only the ones that complement the space but bouquet, specifically, the animation, the illumination, the food and the photograph can be well far from our reach. Only the fact of already if to have to think about this everything, to have that to search untiringly and to have, exactly, that to opt to a service between existing thousands it pulls more for us of what initially some time we could think. The photograph is, nominated, one of the things that in the ones of more the work. It is an art and as image that is always excites diverse interpretations and opinions. We can have a photographer of spectacular marriage whose works fascinate in them immensely but some couples that they have opted to it can not have been so satisfied how much this, the photographer can, although to have taken off excellent photographs, not to have fond what the fiancs looked for exactly, what he does not make with that the work is less good but does not leave satisfied who total has to like more, who married.

Defined Objectives

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I imagine that the reply it is yes, certain? After all, who does not want to gain money and with this to move of life? The detail is that many people want to move of life and they do not define objectives. It is as the dog that is crying because of it I nail that it is hurting but does not raise to interrupt pain. With regard to some situations of our life the same thing happens. Some problems bother in them, only that we do not make nothing to move. Situation to start it to improve, is necessary that let us have objectives.

With regard to the money, the picture is identical. Many times we want a better condition in relation to the money but we do not define accurately what we want. It is more or less the following one: he thinks that inside of you a perfect genius exists to decide all its problems. This genius is its brain. That it only needs commands to give you what you desire. It thinks that you are programmer of computers (its mind, you) and its brain is a computer. If you to be placing information for inside of the computer speaking on what she is not functioning, ask to you: the computer goes to decide the alone problem? Probably not. many people do not give account of this.

They complain, if they complain, they condemn, judge, but they do not say for the computer what they want to have in the place of the problem. with regard to money, the behavior is the same. Many complain that they wanted to have more, or that the situation is pressed etc. Then, with this type of information (complaints, lamentations etc), the computer does not have as to make much thing. By the way, almost nothing. It only can make something when you say to specific things type ' ' I want to gain X a thousand for ms' ' , or ' ' I want to gain X a thousand for ano' ' , or ' ' I want to have X me applied in the bank until the date tal' '.