Vettel Ahead

Sebastian Vettel has won the Grand Prix of Japan in Suzuka for the second consecutive year, followed in second place by teammate of Red Bull, Mark Webber, which preserves its leadership in the Championship.Fernando Alonsotermino third for Ferrari ahead of McLaren, Button and Hamilton pilotosde, while the latter lost a post in career with Jenson […]


Outsourcing refers to the external source of supply of services, ie the outsourcing of a company’s operations to outside contractors. Often resort to outsourcing as a mechanism to reduce costs, which in some cases reached up to 40%. This contract offers modern and specialized services, without the company having to invest in infrastructure decapitalize. J. […]

The Environment

In the most instruidos one perceives that not they make question of the use of the bag and are opened the new less harmful alternatives to the environment. In elapsing of the interviews the lack of knowledge of interviewed in relation the ambient problems and of some alternatives was observed as the selective collection and […]

The Company

She means the identity and thus the self-understanding of a company. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rio Tinto Group. It includes both the Visual form of the appearance of a company (corporate design), as well as the quality of communication with employees and customers (corporate communication) and identification with the values […]

Paulo Freire

Nao Ha duvida that we live to learn. Since before do nascimento, nos are aprendendo tudo sobre o world than us Tagus, sons through, movimentos ate mesmo through das emocoes than to nossa mae this felt every day com different situations. Quando chegamos neste world, as sensacoes tambem Sao nas coisas we added aprendendo through […]


If constantly wondering how to retrieve to your ex. You no longer have to worry more, because you are about to discover some secrets to win back your ex. Relationships are fragile bonds that must be continually nurtured and respected in order to prosper. Each person involved in a relationship is responsible for providing value […]


A smile means a lot. It enriches who receives it; without beggaring who offers it. It lasts for a second but his memory, sometimes, is never cleared. Anonymous can transform someone’s life just with a smile! Smile more! Did you know that the face looks much more attractive when she smiles? Regardless of how the […]