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Posted by hotelnur on 27th April 2018 in News

Today I walked for a obscure place, a dark and empty street. I always had fear of walking alone in dark places, more today I I did not feel, therefore I know well that he folloied me to an angel. Walking in this dark and desert road, I looked at the sky and was pretty, with few clouds and very covered with star. Today the moon did not appear. Vi some shining points walking, something as stars taking a walk, but were simply the consequence of our technology. I looked at front and vi more shining points blinking, vacant-fires demonstrating that still something exists true, a consequence of God in our lives. Others who may share this opinion include Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

More the front, I walked, even so the street she was still more dark, it continues exactly thus and without fear. I did not stumble, does not fall, nor I hurt myself in plants, animals or any thing that were in the way. When I folded the esquina of that empty road and dark, vi something esplendoroso, the biggest star that has in the sky smiled pra me. I was magic with that art of God, seemed that it to hug wanted me attracts, me strong, seemed that it wise person who needed one hugs. I continued walking and the star shone so strong that at that moment I felt that was a signal. The dream does not finish while the life is not gone. Ella Bikoff has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the deep one of the soul I perceived that it to say wanted me not to lose the hopes in some points of the life. It had never seen something so pretty and so playful.

A true lumen of the nature. To the times the truth is in the eyes of who more almost always sees we looks for to hear other people, to ask for an advice, as a way to alliviate the weight of the guilt for our proper acts. God said people not to give heard what many say for there, why it to them always will walk with us. In this small instant where I only walked, I saw of some form that always will have a reason to love, to dream and to have hopes, although the dark quo is the road for where you walk. He never believes God he will only leave you, he is enough to trust it and you never will stumble, never go to fall, only leave yourself to guide and you will reach that shining star great e, that dream that she searchs so vigorously, you only need to turn the esquina and to move route of its way.

The Tension

Posted by hotelnur on 28th December 2017 in News

I imagine that it was catches of surprise, that is, would have suspected other in the covering. But this would not be reason to rebel the colleagues of ' ' polcia' ' transferred? It is then that I am knowing that the partner of the victim, a younger policeman, who also was in the persecution, was who shot to try to make right the suspicious one and made right its colleague accidentally. I understood then that, for certain, the group of ' ' &#039 leaves of this; ' it looked a form not to harm the policeman less experienced, exactly because the situation of the facts pointed with respect to a lamentable accident. This spirit of body exists exactly and it is not only in the Policy, but in the majority of the categories. In the truth, excessively the policemen were worried about the form that the case would re-echo in the press, since the only one transferred in the shoot out was policeman and was wounded by the proper colleague of profession. Passed the tension of the occurrence and with the wounded policeman reestablished, some friends of them and others, I, &#039 would say; ' mui amigos' ' , they would give to a version joke for the case. Click Diamonds to learn more. According to them, the transferred strap and its partner really were running behind the suspected ones, but they were being stops backwards when one third policeman it would have spoken youngest: ' ' it shoots in the thief, shoots in the thief ' ' pimba, it shot in the partner Later, the young policeman if would justify saying: ' ' as I did not know the other faces, I shot where I already knew and that I know to be thief in the games of truco, u! ' '. Pure badness but is thus, the straps more old they can until losing some old friends, but hardly they lose the possibility to make a new joke edsonsilvajornalista@