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Paulo Freire

Posted by hotelnur on 5th May 2019 in News

Nao Ha duvida that we live to learn. Since before do nascimento, nos are aprendendo tudo sobre o world than us Tagus, sons through, movimentos ate mesmo through das emocoes than to nossa mae this felt every day com different situations. Quando chegamos neste world, as sensacoes tambem Sao nas coisas we added aprendendo through temperature, aussi quando us enter em contato com outros objects or sense da vista, clear. Through sense OJ da audicao possivel identify Mae or pai; com or cheiro uma Crianca learn to identify or body odor das pessoas beloved bifes from os nossos primeiros days, family comeca ensinar or baby to distinguish cores, textures assim by diante. (Source: Jeffrey Hayzlett). Or verdadeiro problem arises quando vamos a escola, because obriga as Criancas sem movimento permanecam, to “behave” and obey seus professors, ao mesmo tempo than vao to memorize numbers and letters which, mesmo is pessoa quando um ajudar vao adult, during or tempo that you estao aprendendo, isso tem pouco ou students anything to see com seu ambient imediato. Tool professors than Sao muito alguns committed com seu trabalho, to large most Rails simplesmente em conformidade com work programs do governo sem fazer nothing mais, to cite or great educator Paulo Freire, to raise significant aprendizagem, que um or that really help to learn as coisas vao be kept mind na. assim, vai people crescendo chega a idade adult thinking that to learn alguma coisa So precise memoriza-, is verdade ao longo that two years will added novas ferramentas strategies for fazer melhor or nosso trabalho ou muito colocou con em pessoas, activities as each um learns as coisas mais quickly and significantly. To significant aprendizagem Ao instead of memorizing alguma coisa passar So por um teste chamar isso “learn”, a significant aprendizagem implies ter uma ideia razoavelmente clear problem ou que voce tem necessidade do find ou raise uma maneira resolve to situation, assim tambem a ganhar experience that can be applied for or future em different situations.

Development Time

Posted by hotelnur on 26th March 2019 in News

To successfully work for yourself you must have all of the following skills to some degree. The better you are at each skill, most likely to succeed on their own. Motivation: You should be able to motivate yourself and not rely on others to push along. When you work for yourself, there is no boss telling you what to do, when you need it and be given support and guidance when needed. You are the boss! Work for you, everything is your responsibility. If you can not take responsibility, then it is better to stay in employment.

Belief: You must believe in yourself and your business and / or product. It is very difficult to do well in something that does not fully believe in. Your belief and passion for what is done is through their customers. This has a positive effect in building their confidence and, in turn, your business. Prior to starting any business or sale of any product, ask if you believe in the product and business.

Development Time: It is important to spend time to develop and enhance their skills. Many people forget technique to develop the soft skills, and vice versa. Aim to attend at least two courses or workshops a year. He also regularly read books of interest to develop these skills. You have to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to be a phenomenal success. Determination: You must be determined to succeed and not quit. There are times when it will be difficult, but you are the boss and sole responsibility for what is right again.

Lyon World

Posted by hotelnur on 19th March 2019 in News

A bitter taste for the Puerto Rican meant the world of Turkey. They marched on it with a single win and without the possibility of moving from the phase of groups. Carlos Arroyo (Miami Heat) piece hip injury key on the computer, the withdrawal of Larry Ayuso and Christian Dalmau roster before the tournament and errors at crucial moments, perhaps were the factors that made that Puerto Rico came no further in this World Cup. While it is true that they were part of which for many meant the Group of death of this world (Turkey, Greece, China, Russia, PR and Ivory Coast), the Puerto Rican arrived with possibilities to the last game of the group. While the group led by Manolo Cintron came from losing to Russia (75-66), Greece (although this encounter was very uneven: 83-80) and Turkey (79-77) and had won only to China (84-76), it is playing the classification round on the final day against Ivory Coast.

Incredibly, and against all odds, Africans took that party, leaving China and Puerto Rico out of the World Cup in the second round. It was the first meeting that earned the Ivorians. A few weeks before the start of the tournament, Manolo Cintron had declared that it had the most complete team since reaching a historic fourth place in the Argentina 1990 World and that she hoped a coup in Turkey. Puerto Rico will play cheerful, dominate the rebounds and implement your career game. If we can defend the 40 minutes with intensity and we can rebound, should count on Puerto Rico, had declared the technician on a tour of the team prior to the World Cup event. Well, obviously none of this saying Cintron went as planned. On the positive side, notably very strong performances that took both Jose Juan Barea (Dallas Mavericks) as Angel Vassallo (ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne of France).

By Alejandro a. Sanchez worked as NBA reporter for various media in your country. During the season 07-08 toured United States and each of the stages of the NBA documenting the experience on a blog on ESPN Deportes, denominadoo the path to the NBA.In turn, Alejandro is professional referee of basketball in his country since 1998 and FIBA referee since 2008. His taste for sports journalism and his passion for the NBA decided to create, a site of basketball in Spanish which main goal is to bring the NBA to the large Latin American community. Original author and source of the article

Junior Project

Posted by hotelnur on 27th March 2017 in News

In the schools, all the activities turn around this subject, that is of great affability of the children. In the store of the city, bandeirinhas, lanterns, balloons, emphasize the juninos reasons and despertam the interest of the children. This subject goes to constitute a rich chance it teacher to develop the respect for the cultural plurality, the taste for the Brazilian folklore, as well as exercise of the citizenship. It is necessary that activities are planned that facilitate the understanding of the pupil regarding the alimentary habits, in the ways to dress, of speaking, to organize day-by-day in the region where deferred payment, comparativily to the routines of the people of other places. The commemoration, in this in case that, demands the exercise of the citizenship through concrete, coesas, solidary and participativas actions, in benefit of the improvement of the quality of life.

Objectives: To know the characteristics of the juninas parties; To admire and to respect the work of the man of the field; To awake the taste for the juninas parties as the Brazilian folklore, standing out its aspects, popular, social and religious; To develop the socialization of the child; To hear with interest the information brought for the colleagues; To develop the rhythm and the motor abilities. Interdisciplinaridade: Verbal language and writing; Religious education; History; Arts; Music. Transversalidade: Cultural plurality/Values/Religiosidade. Duration: 08 days (09/06 to the 17/06) Groups: Daily pay Pertaining to school I and II; Integral II; Preparatory. Procedures: Informative texts; Poems related to the subject; Musics related to the subject; Confection of you wall and posters; Clipping and glue of engravings; Infantile literature; Drawings and paintings; DVD; Mbiles; Exposition of the works. Methodology: The activities will be carried through by means of the presentation of the actions proposals for each day through colloquies and procedures related to the subject.

Recognize Errors

Posted by hotelnur on 3rd July 2014 in News

1. Each error shows something to us that we must correct We do insofar as it we turned into better people. 2. It accepts what already it happened Salt of the past and you do not remain patch, thinking about which you could do and you did not do. The past already it happened and you cannot change it, pregntate: " What I can make to correct the error as rapidly as possible and what I can learn of this experience? ". 3. It surpasses the fault If you realised a bad election or you committed some mistake, you are not punished by which you could not know beforehand.

To commit errors does not have anything to do with your value like person nor with your capacity to make decisions at a certain time. 4. It considers the error like a warning Sometimes receiving a transit fine represents a warning to lead more slowly and to avoid kind a major accident Estar to recognize the signals that to us the universe sends will cause that we turn our errors into opportunities. 5. It overcomes the fear to equivocarte The fear to equivocarte can do that no you dare to say what you feel or you think.

At the same time impedirte can do something from fear of making the ridiculous situation. Atrvete to express your thoughts and feelings finding the best words and the best moment to do it. And if you equivocations, request excuses. 6. It learns of your errors Each shows something to us that we needed to correct, and we do insofar as it we learn and we became better human beings. It repairs the offense. That your repentance does not remain only in words pretty. Besides requesting excuses, it is important that you make something concrete to show your commitment to correct the error or the committed offense.

Time Management

Posted by hotelnur on 28th June 2014 in News

Let’s define what exactly the time management; This has been heard often in this busy world. You can see thousands of salespeople or managers of businesses trying to manage well the time. And it is that time management is included as one of the main topics in management studies and also many experiments are made to make surrender hours effectively. There are many strategies that, indeed, have a session separately for that. So if you ask some people can manage the time, the response can be very simple.

Plan and record their daily activities assigned to each of these spaces of time required actions, and thus complete the activities according to the calendar. Can you guess how many of these people achieved with previous recommendations have a percentage of success much greater? The reason behind the problem of the alleged lack of time is that we never do a self-assessment, and jump directly to do a job rather than assign times for This is. Why is that also many people say often do not understand themselves, without knowing who do not plan their activities and that’s why not achieve their goals. A couple of things that could help us identify ourselves mentioned below. So start by making a list of them and then automatically you can use time very effectively. First, make a list of your strengths; do another of their weaknesses; one more with its objectives; identify what makes you lose time, and make a list of what you did yesterday. The last five key aspects help that you tracked. This should be your first step towards the effective use of time.

The second thing you have to remember is that nobody can manage time. What? But if we are talking about time management. Understand, please: is absolutely true that anyone can manage the time. For example, you can tell that you have available hours (leisure, free time) in one hand and productive hours on other side. Here the productive hours are the key and not the hours available. The body and mind must be capable of doing any kind of activities. This is the main thing before doing anything. If your body and your mind are not in condition, then it does nothing expose any type of time management principles. Just keep in mind if you’re getting sick frequently, the time which passes especially in a doctor’s Office. So take care of your health and your mind. Reference: Losing the time you lose your life Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Administration of the time management courses, does take one 6 practical tips for managing time wasting time you lose your life? Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Management of the losing the time you lose your life Time course of time management management, does take one time in school life management, talk to your children? Good time management and administration Management of the losing the time you lose your life Time management dominate your time, or he dominates you to you? Administration of the time management courses, why take one

Internal Evaluation

Posted by hotelnur on 15th February 2014 in News

With these answers it was possible to perceive that the main concern of the institucional evaluation inside of this private school still is the learning of the pupils, and secondary form the performance of the professors, the evaluation of them you discipline and the evaluation pertaining to school management. However, showing that the evaluation of the institution is necessary as a whole and not only of some segregated elements, Souza (2005, P. 33) explains that the institucional evaluation of the one great support to the management of the school; in the reality it is party to suit of management of the school, but not only with a tool the service of raising given for the planning and monitoramento of the pertaining to school actions. (…) When the school if makes use to think on same itself, evaluating the set of the elements and actions constitute that it (grifo ours), raising and socializing information on itself, it ' ' if expe' ' to the society, that is, it allows that the society, final addressee of the pertaining to school work and its bigger mantenedora, follow, control and also she evaluates its performance. In the continuation, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the sensitization to promote the shelter, the construction and the participation of all in the avaliativo process? ' ' , 75% of the interviewed ones (professor, director and pupil) had said that this always happens, and 25% (father) said that this occurred to the times. Thus, this in the sample that the necessary school to more invite the responsible ones of the pupils to participate of the evaluations that occur inside of it, therefore thus such also will share its desires and also they will increase its commitment in participating actively of the pertaining to school actions. After that, when it had the questioning on ' ' actions that precede the stages of preparation and development of the auto-evaluation in its escola' ' , we had the following percentages of answers: 75% (professor, director and father) – Accomplishment of meetings with all the segments of the Institution; 50% (professor and director) – collective Construction of the pointers and instruments of collection of data; 25% (pupil) – Application of the evaluation instruments; 25% (managing) – Analysis and interpretation of the data Partial Reports; 50% (professor and pupil) – Quarrel of the results with the internal community; 100% – Spreading of the result of the Internal Evaluation for the pertaining to school community, also to the responsible ones for the pupils; 75% (professor, director and father) – Reflection on the avaliativo process. .