Dalt Vila

How to move me in Ibiza Ibiza is an island of small dimensions, the island has only 45 km long and 25 km wide, no destination within its territory is more than one hour by car, which on the other hand, becomes the only option for visiting the attractions of the island, since many of the enclaves are in difficult to access, and of course public vehicles do not arrive. The road network of Ibiza is pretty basic, and although roads arriving to the main centres of population are in excellent condition, to enjoy the best Ibiza and arrive at their remote coves and beaches, caves and steep hills, will need to drive on roads of Earth, and roads. So make sure you when picking up your rental car to carry good local maps showing you the best access to those secret destinations, and if you are one of the very adventurous, you either retire the option of renting a vehicle jeep in Ibiza, you can that you get lot of game. Sites of interest in Ibiza more beyond its world-famous discotheques that tend to be a must-see for tourists, due to its popularity read Pacha, Imsomnia, Space, Eden, Paradis is not should leave the island without having visited: * Dalt Vila: you mean high part of the city: it is the old quarter, which is walled and is where are the remnants of ancient cultures. The wall, did it build Felipe II in the 16th century to protect the city from pirates and Ottomans. It is of Renaissance style and in it the coat of arms of the Crown of Aragon is recorded. On the inside, are located noble houses, the Cathedral and the archaeological museum in the year 1999, UNESCO declared it heritage.

* The Puig de Molins monographic Museum: (Via Romana, open from 10 am to 19 h.): is the best European Museum of Punic art. ** The Necropolis of Puig de Molins: underneath the Museum. They built the Phoenicians in the 7th century b.c., near the city. And he has been since antiquity the cemetery of Ibiza. * Neighborhood of the Penya and pump: this neighborhood is located just below Dalt Vila and has great atmosphere day and night.