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Posted by hotelnur on 4th July 2016 in News

Which will be its contribution to the world? We are here for evolving. The teachings are as much, clearly that they are only small rough drafts of the enormous power of the LOVE, The-Joy, M-Movement, The-Optimism here, R-Respect, of each act, of each thought, in the effort of the meeting with its interior I, in namoro of the conquest of the success. Which are the challenges and chances of the life of a person? They are infinite, but so that this occurs it is necessary that its standards of thought become each time more positive. It looks at its life as a sacred relationship of the destination, in your reality and analyzes the environment its return and asks itself exactly: I am Happy? Independent of the reply all have the right the happiness. Either authentic and pacific with all. It annuls the barriers of the preconception created by the maken a mistake education of our society many times hypocritical, that having to the being values.

It learns that you are an instrument of accomplishments, where the acts of the teatral part of its life can become real, full of joys and overcomings. The inspired force of its acts must direct its looks for the good, in the joy of the next one, the servitude and respect to its feelings, in the search of the aid of the reason of these emotions. We are all equal ones to the eyes of the LOVE, we do not have as to measure which love it is bigger or lesser, but here a tip: it has as much pride of its sincere feelings, that if something of bad happening in its life, this probably will be a good situation. At moments of hurts it is easy to feel victims of the world, rancorosos I do not deserve this! He seems clearly that to participate of the dialogue of the life is necessary to reflect on our day, to concentrate in now, therefore passed and future he does not belong in them and to start to write a new history.

New Fashion

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We know that when we want to have something well done we have always the chance to ask for aid: the family, to the friends or, in case that if she deals with a work, to the specialized professional. We want to construct something, to organize an event, to manage a company, can want to make of everything a little that or we have bases for this (studying and specializing us in some craft) or have exactly to contract a supplier or somebody makes that it for us. A marriage is an event for which nobody is born taught. We find that it can be simple, to marry and already it is but the party, in itself, it holds innumerable services for which we can not have as much aptitude, time or money to make. In the choice of the place, our house can not be enough for the number of people who we want to invite; the decoration and the details such as the invitations and the souvenirs, the flowers not only the ones that complement the space but bouquet, specifically, the animation, the illumination, the food and the photograph can be well far from our reach. Only the fact of already if to have to think about this everything, to have that to search untiringly and to have, exactly, that to opt to a service between existing thousands it pulls more for us of what initially some time we could think. The photograph is, nominated, one of the things that in the ones of more the work. It is an art and as image that is always excites diverse interpretations and opinions. We can have a photographer of spectacular marriage whose works fascinate in them immensely but some couples that they have opted to it can not have been so satisfied how much this, the photographer can, although to have taken off excellent photographs, not to have fond what the fiancs looked for exactly, what he does not make with that the work is less good but does not leave satisfied who total has to like more, who married.

The Sustenance

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In the market it is starting to have surplus of materials you recycle that they are being directed to the aterros or lixes spread for the country. Sad reality for the world, therefore, all lose with this, the environment and the Humanity. The cooperatives and associations of catadores spread for great cities start to have problems of management and staff, the city halls must attempt against to this important work that it assists in the cleanness and correct destination of many residues. It is clearly that social problems increase with the fall of income of these institutions, to support them can be a cheaper alternative the municipal management. It’s believed that Jeffrey Hayzlett sees a great future in this idea. Coitados, from that already they are excluded from the society, with serious problems of conviviality and that now they face the quandary of the survival, therefore, lacks money for the food, exactly these that already they lived of the remaining portions of our daily one, taking off the sustenance of the garbage, what it will be of them if this situation to last? Increase of the violence? Increase of the atony? Or we go to make of account that nothing of this is happening. Some people had not yet perceived what she is occurring, in ours day-by-day, in full month of March of 2009 and that this process will revert to the measure that our economy to improve, but without made right date. Ambientalistas, defenders of the nature and the life, assist its communities to find alternatives stop question, in this sazonalidade, considering fruns of solutions, creating thought spaces not yet. You recycle them can be substance cousin of many products, we go to innovate, therefore, with its aid all can be benefited..

International Conference

Posted by hotelnur on 13th April 2016 in News

Many times we ask in them on what it is more important to be happy to have health, much money, clothes of the fashion, a mansion, and for there the rejection Therefore it is, to reflect a little on this would like to share with the excessively reading text to follow ' ' Penguin in focus Joo Cricket, reporter of the Forest Leaf, interviewed the great ecologist, Mr. Penguin-of-Adlia, in the International Conference of the Environment. REPORTER: It could you in saying why the penguins to them are classified as birds, if they do not fly? PENGUIN (smiling): This is an old history. We are sea birds. He sees, my body completely is re-covered of penalty. these my paddles already had been wing have many and many generations. Perfectly we are adapted to the life of the sea. REPORTER: It is truth that the penguins swim in a surprising speed? PENGUIN: Well, some penguins of our colony obtain to make 20 kilometers for the moment.

I, particularly, taste to make evolutions. To give pulls in water and to fall in foot on an ice block! REPORTER: as is the familiar structure of the penguins of its group? PENGUIN: Very we are well married. Nobody is divorced. Our women put two eggs per year. the hatching couple the eggs, alternatingly, in the nests. We are modern couples.

REPORTER: the organization of the colony? PENGUIN: Our filhotinhos are in day-care centers. All juntinhos. He is pretty to see. When it makes very cold, them form an immense ball. REPORTER: as is that vocs they identify its younglings? PENGUIN: Heart of mother is not deceived. It is deceptive? REPORTER: Which is the subject of its conference in this meeting? PENGUIN: I go to speak, accurately, on the familiar ecology. On the necessity of all the beings if to group in colonies, in families, one helping another one. Because the biggest pollution that exists in the world is the lovelessness It is not? Mr. Pingim was even so with its casaca and its smile that had come of frozen lands of Antarctica. ' ' (HISTORIES OF SONIA ROBATTO) now? How we are? How it is our familiar relationship? It will be that we are choosing optimum way for the happiness!