American Bowling

Employs professional instructors who will teach everyone the basic techniques of the game. The university has 24 modern lanes Brunswick. In addition, guests can have fun bowling in an electronic casino, play billiards, go-karting and the club will ride on a powerful high-speed karts on a difficult track. Bowling Club "Asteroid" Bowling Club "Asteroid" provides you with the use of 12 different tracks Brunswick. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Chevron U.S.A.. School bowling at an institution works for beginners, advanced players, and even wizards can learn unusual playing techniques.

Here should come to those who thoroughly decided to take bowling as a professional sport. Continuing tournaments and championships. However, this is not all billiard fans expect billiard tables American pool and Russian pyramid. Bowling club "Galaxy" One of the best clubs in the capital, is conveniently located in Ostankino near the subway enea. Has an 8 lane amf modern and original space interior and comfortable atmosphere. Those wishing to learn how to play to help personal trainers. At the same time, the house has pool tables, a restaurant with a weekly show programs and concerts, games automata, a cozy room with karaoke. Entertainment Center Cosmic Center Bowling Club in this entertainment center has 4 rooms on 2 floors, a large number of tracks Brunswick – 32, and is one of the biggest in Moscow.

Equipment features (presence of skirting) will go bowling for your children. A skilled trainers will help capture features of games. The complex is designed to rest the big companies of friends, because here large number of additional entertainment. There is a sports bar, pool tables, an entertainment complex for children, family cafe, a restaurant with a grill menu. Bowling Club Nord "in this club 10 tracks to play regularly competitions in bowling. In addition, the facility can accommodate up to 12 people on a single track through a unique program Qubica. The school bowling classes are held for adults and children's groups. Students Various discounts are available on the Pro-shop. Even the youngest guests can play bowling, here they will have lightweight balls and children's shoes. In the cozy atmosphere of a club cafe waiting for you with delicious food and most fashionable DJs in Moscow.