BETA Battery

This comb for the harvest of olives has battery power, does not use compressor and used a 12 V motor of last generation that improves the performance while maintaining the reduced fuel consumption. Compact, flexible and manageable, the Oliwatt 2 model has been designed for one who possesses a limited number of plants or who must perform harvest in difficult terrain. The true innovation of this comb is the fan shape that have rakes that reproduce the hand movement, pushing the olives toward the base where found with a narrowing that obliges them to secede. Even more resistant and small fruits are beyond this kind of machine. Optimizes power consumption allowing an autonomy of several hours vintage. For more specific information, check out Chevron U.S.A. Inc. It has a cable (20 m) supplied can be powered from any battery 12 v (with absorption of 6-7 Ah/hour). It is available with several long extension bars and even telescopic. The optional accessories available for this model are: cart holder battery, battery of 75 Ah (for a good working autonomy) battery charger and new current in Sling generator.

This type of comb is the answer to who needs an instrument for professional harvesting and at competitive price. Have been performed by CRPV (vegetable productions of Faenza Research Center) tests of harvest; Oliwatt 2 reaped approx. 70 kg/h of local olives in Brisighella. Final assessment: presents an optimal penetration in the Cup and he has been able to separate both ripe olives like those at the beginning of the ripening power makes it a very versatile machine. Electric comb Oliwatt 2 increases your productivity with the latest portable generator patented by Lisam, ETA BETA, powered by 4 stroke Honda engine. ETA BETA can be transported easily by an operator, in thanks to the shoulder bags backpack, either to use 2 electric Combs, ETA BETA, which is equipped with feet and placed in a case, you can position on the floor allowing the two operators to work up to a distance of 30 meters. They are also available as optional for Combs Oliwatt, truck battery-holder and support comb, battery and battery charger.