Fashion Conscious

AS create your fashion aware by Olivia Epiphany in recent years have written several books on quantum physics that explain scientifically how the quantum field makes up our universe, this field is an all inclusive we are part of it. I believe that the following points are very important and explain why we ourselves are creators of the physical reality that is seemingly solid and that we believe does not change as much as you want. A) in essence our universe is made of energy and electromagnetism. (B) before it was believed that atoms were particles more tiny existing, but now it has been discovered that there are a still more small that the atom particles, these subatomic particles are called and they are not made of matter, they are only energy, i.e. that practically do not exist in the physical world.

(C) the scientists say that they are so tiny that the only means by which know of their existence is by trail that left in accelerators of particles. (D) those particles seem to exist only when they are observed, only when the decision to see a particle is made invisible energy wave becomes a (solid) concrete entity. (E) the attention directed towards that recognizable energy as a wave, is what creates the reality that we call particle or solid, or physical world. (F) scientists say that the observer is the creator of the particle or physical mass of the universe. All this means that the observer,(o sea nosotros) are the ones who create something from the invisible (a subatomic particle), with the mere fact of observing it. We are also a set of atoms molecules and particles, both Atomic and subatomic, therefore we are not solid as we tend to think our body regenerates in its entirety in a span of 7 years, so in reality, a person who has 50 years has a new body every 7 years.