Freeware For Small And Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the least tech Mexican Latin America, only 25% use the Internet and to search for information, not to do business online, says a study by Visa and Nielsen. In addition, only 10% have a website, according to data from Prospects of SMEs in Mexico, an analysis of 400 firms made during the last quarter of 2008. SMEs few resources devoted to technology, they see it more as an expense as an investment. World Survey Data Software Piracy 2008, say that 61% of the packages installed on computers is pirated Mexican. And although the high cost of the parcel is one of the main causes that limit access to technology, there are places where SMEs can download free software to improve management and business development.

These sites encourage programs to download legally and free of charge, which represents an extraordinary opportunity for these businesses. Free programs for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have little money to invest in the parcel was no longer an excuse for being at the forefront. Free resources exist in the online marketplace free choices of good quality made by companies, organizations and developers with sustainable or promotional purposes. 1. SME Tools: This site is a goldmine for educational training, as well as software you can find resources such as calculators, tutorials and expert advice for the sector. 2. OpenOffice: This suite offers a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program.

Its functionality and potential are huge and competition is free of the Microsoft. 3. Skype: This program helps you save money on calls, especially if they are international. It’s like the Messenger, but with voice and choice of connecting to the telephone network. You just need a microphone and speakers of the computer to communicate. Calls between Skype contacts are free and have the option of video calls if you have a webcam. The best thing is to make a contact list to take advantage of free calls. 4. Picasa: Google’s tool that allows an administrator to easily retouch photos to remove red eye, email them or share them online. 5. Kompozer: if what you want is to program a web page and do not have money, this is the best option. It has a very friendly management similar to a word processor for web pages. When combined with Filezilla, you have a site ready. 6. WinRAR: the traditional package represents a strong charge and we have to send attachments via email is a good choice. Now the requirements are necessary to send compressed ZIP or RAR format, which increasingly become more common, to work with them the best is this program that does not cost a dime. 7. xlBooks: A low cost accounting software (only 5Dlls) which allows the same, that any high-cost commercial parcel. It is an economical solution, which allows among other things: accounting policies and checks Print in any format since their capture. Prepare bank reconciliations (as simple as a click of reconciling a movement and a click to circulate a motion.) Calculate and develop policies for the depreciation of fixed assets with assessment of expenditure. In addition to the traditional reports, you can run reports and graphs in Exceli. (Analysis, indexes, projections, estimates, calculations of the declaration pro-forma reports, etc.).. It is so safe and easy to operate it requires virtually no support. It is based on access and anyone with little experience, can provide maintenance to their data if necessary. The system provides a guarantee against errors, we have direct support from the author.