Professional light tents and light cube if you’re like me, then you want you avoid spending money for something, what you can also synthesize. One day I was pop up for my photo business, in which I usually went to shopping and I saw one of those”light tents. It consisted of a collapsible, box covered with white fabric, with a hole at the front, as well as 3 lamps. To use this light tent for photographing small objects in photo studios. Almost I would have bought it, until I discovered the 100 price tag. Would I spend actually 100 for a little substance and 3 lamps, if the material costs far below those 100? So I decided to build my own such a light tent and it has become really good. Step by step guide: take your box and select multiple points, using a ruler and a pen by them around 2 “go inwards. Now connect just all the marked points and you have a limit so to speak around created.

A square is formed in the middle of the front of the box. You can just leave the top and bottom of the box. Cut out the resulting rectangle and repeat this also on the sides. Now you can simply cut off the upper part of the box. Now take your Bristol Board and make a point about every 40 cm. Then cut 16 strips with a pair of scissors. Glue these strips of paper in your carton. Take one other Bristol carton to the hand and cut it so that the width is the inside of your box and longer is more a lot than the box.

Attach the long piece of Bristol carton into the box, where the piece touched the ground. Cut off the excess paper from the top. Cropping your fabric so that it covers the resulting holes and then cut a big piece that can then cover the upper part of the box. Glue the fabric so that it covers the holes except for the rear. And then glue the upper area with Manuel off. Now you’re done! Now you need to illuminate only the top of the box and you can take pictures with the start!