Internet Tourism

Andalusia has been opened to rural tourism, tourism of proximity as an obvious outlet for the economic crisis. Smallholders who have become small hotel entrepreneurs and rural homes, which care for his lodgings to have them ready for magazine and offer a quality service to its guests, with those who tend to live in the House. But if the business world has come them surprise (or need to), no less than surprise has caught them the boom of internet and new technologies. Accustomed to an older model telephone listing, the world of the internet, most of the time, is often quite hard for this type of new entrepreneurs, so go hand in hand with a company with experience in the world of the internet tends to be a safe bet. How to hire in an internet listing is one of the questions most repeated in the talks and presentations. How to check that list appear is easy and has two parts: the first, look where are your competitors (especially if you know that you going well).

If, for example, your competitors are They advertised in the section of rural houses in Cadiz in Andalusia southern website, is quite likely that your need be. The second is allied with Google (today, the search by reference in Spain): performs a search of cottages + locality and search those websites that are best positioned (in the top of the first page of results) and compare prices. The market price tends to be fairly tight, so it is good idea to do a good comparison and check other keywords to gain access to the best positions. Once paid for appearing in a list (if it’s free, that they exist, better) try to appear in many more categories best: Hotel, Hotel Rural, housing, Rural housing, one last tip: that is valid for search engines link (i.e. have no nofollow, not have redirects and the page that is is recorded by the search engine).

Always with contract remember that it is a provision of services, so, better than best, always, always, a service contract to see exactly what they’re buying. To avoid having problems. Andalucia southern continues to work with internet Andalucia South, opened in 2002 and continues to generate news with regional vocation to her around. If we already warn of new openings sections regarding the rental in Conil, now the web opens a new complete line of business, since it will have a list of hotels with charm, accommodations that do not tend to leave large aggregators, as well as a series of hotels in Zahora, Cadiz, Malaga, Almeria and Huelva. In the words of the director of Andalucia South, Mr Fraile, is the logical step. We are a reference in holiday tourism and short-stay in the South of Andalusia, particularly with regard to rural tourism, so el paso to the marketing of hotels, especially children who often have little visibility, and cottages is a logical synergy which both ends we leave very benefited them getting a greater presence in networks and taking advantage of our slap in the positioning and we broaden our possible portfolio of small businesses and personal customers who own a small rural hotel, casa rural or similar.