Judith Cramer

The online courtship ElitePartner and EHARMONY are the scene in this new book by Judith Cramer, with the title “… and at the end is the hope!” True storys to actually be this new book by Judith Cramer. A story that is shaped by coincidences, feelings, hopes and disappointments. Often the world of online contacts was portrayed as realistic, but also so humorously, this world of virtual touch their mental as physical Entblossungen, their dreams and deceptions that end no later than at the real encounter. A fresh and undisguised tone that carries the reader in the explorations of own and strange feelings and a journey to self manage Judith Cramer in her new book.

It tells the story of Judith and Alex, living for several years on Mallorca. Their relationship is harmonious and actually could all remain as it is: the delightful atmosphere of the island, the beautiful house by the sea, the familiar coexistence. But there is one evening visiting a Bodega like out of nowhere another man in Judith’s life. The short but intense encounter changes everything with Peter. Peter departs again, but the email traffic to entspinnende creates an emotional maelstrom, Judith can not resist: by request about soon inflamed passionate desire to recognize the true fate.

Parallel, Judith discovers that Alex knows of her and Peter and in turn looks around in the online courtship “EHARMONY” and “Snadar_bms”. In his E-Mails, the secret view opens you a dance of desires, but also the ruptured hopes and sexual fantasies. Both follow their seemingly unnoticed way – until something unexpected happens that forces them to make a decision. This really worth reading book is available since a few days in the bookstores. More information also