Las Delicias Symbol

Indelible mark of the time Gomez, and homage to livestock development and not as you can think of bullfighting-driven general, the statue is of a pile of treasure, accessible to locals and tourists but the digging is necessary. Urban Legends and road signs are interwoven in a delicate veil on true stories, imagination and creativity banandolas Creole. Discovering El Toro de Las Delicias. They have the old folks, and in this case, Mrs. Please visit Mining if you seek more information. Eleuteria Gotto de Sequera, “La Negra” for their family, born 78 years ago Choroni and resident of Maracay in 1938, which then were pastures Las Delicias, a place to call Calicanto Circus and of course, the Zoo, whose entrance was marked by the monumental bronze animal.

As a child he recalls being told countless times that it was full of gold morocotos, but also of dynamite, so he could never move. Many more stories are told from secret tunnels that lead to different inter Garden Hotel units to have been a clue to find the Treasure of Tarazona, a secret that allegedly led to the grave a trust known military personnel Worthy, nicknamed El Indio and mystique which he would complete the popular belief that he slept at the door crossover the bedroom of his boss, have no known family, his lifelong mental alertness and especially, to gain access to the intimacy of the Andean boss. This led to ruthless gold-digger to dig in the grounds of the Zoo, to no avail. yTaurino or bovine? Its origin was also subject to popular belief for many years, says Alberto Rodriguez Avendano, a pioneer in raising fighting bulls, large livestock subject matter expert, member and former director of the Dairy Industry Chamber of Venezuela.