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The film describes the conspiracy of these bankers, arguing that the objective of them is the control on all the race human being through the one implantation chip localizer and identification through which all the operations and interactions human beings will be carried through, enslaving finally the humanity. They are private creating a unified government, with unified army, unified currency, and to be able unified, and that it will serve only to the interests of this elite. According to film, the aspect most impressive of this everything is that such changes will be accepted for the proper people of course, therefore is being manipulated for the media. In 2 of October of 2008 a film was launched as, continuation of the first one, called Zeitgeist: Addendum, where if it deals with the globalization, financial manipulation of the man for the great corporations and institutions, and that it presents its vision of the solution for the problem. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mining. Peter Joseph disponibilizou in day 03 of October of 2008 as a documentary film, that continuity to the subjects treated for it in the first film would give. Others including Brian Armstrong, offer their opinions as well.

Government? Zeitgeist Addendum In Zeitgeist: Addendum, it part of the premise that all our world-wide financial system is created so that the social differences are remained and so that the same detainers of its production (yes, the money is produced, created. In plants) if they keep in the control of the finances world-wide. The film starts showing as this system functions and as it creates debts on of debts. These debts one day will have that to be paid. if will not be paid, occured breakings as this now in 2008 or as of 1929 they had occurred. Many Latin American presidents had been given as communist (exactly they were themselves, which would be the problem ()) dictators for ' ' histria' ' , being put down and until died so that one ' ' novo' ' government was formed and the world was free of the fear and ' ' dspotas' ' as these.

In the truth the film shows as the North American governments during years had influenced in governments of other countries, mainly in the ones of Latin America, so that they did not adopt economic policies and social that harmed the economic interests of the American companies. What it becomes our violent world, with clamorous social differences, as much poverty, misery, depression, greed is this monetary system. So that let us start to change everything this, Peter Joseph traces some goals and of some examples. No change is easy, still more if treating to paradigmticas global changes as this. But in crisis times, as this, cost not to try! one of these forms is in divulging information. To show for the others that our hole is much more under. That it is very easy to say that is all good, that the things are thus same, when we are in comfort position. I go to say more many that say things of this type and they really are in comfort position, diverse times if they catch at deep moments of existencial crisis, depression, sadness, misfortune, doubts without answers, anxiety for goes there Therefore, let us be always divulgadores of information! Generators and mantenedores of debates as these! Different opinions to be collated! Without EcoDebate it does not have dialogue, without dialogue does not have logic, without logic does not have society The films: Zeigeist (legendado in Portuguese) Zeitgeist addendum (33 languages)