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Sustainable Ambient Marketing

Posted by hotelnur on 22nd February 2018 in News

Sustainable Ambient marketing With the acceleration of the Brazilian economy the consumption this each warmer time, and the more obsolete products consequently go if becoming each time in virtue of the applied technology and its evolution. The word of order is to consume, on the other hand classrooms C and D start to acquire products that now are available in the market, to put such classroom do not make use of immediate resources for obtelos with this the banks enxergam an excellent chance there to increase its profits. Until there all good, but where it is the environment in the way of this epic of consumption? the natural resources you did not renew that they are used massive in the manufacture of these? Hardly I add informed of the cares that such companies are taking stop with the environment. Check out Jeffrey Hayzlett for additional information. Here we enter consuming them, indeed if not to buy all these wonders that in are offered, then we would not have demand enough to support such consumption. From this reality we conclude, we are also responsible for the sustainable consumption, thus as it must have a Sustainable Marketing and not a Marketing that if worries only in generating demand. Since the Marketing has this fabuloso power to print the strong desire of consumption, it can also favor the culture of the Support and ethics in the consumption of products, convoking even though Logistic reversa to spread out and to implement such culture.

Defined Objectives

Posted by hotelnur on 14th May 2016 in News

I imagine that the reply it is yes, certain? After all, who does not want to gain money and with this to move of life? The detail is that many people want to move of life and they do not define objectives. It is as the dog that is crying because of it I nail that it is hurting but does not raise to interrupt pain. With regard to some situations of our life the same thing happens. Some problems bother in them, only that we do not make nothing to move. Situation to start it to improve, is necessary that let us have objectives.

With regard to the money, the picture is identical. Many times we want a better condition in relation to the money but we do not define accurately what we want. It is more or less the following one: he thinks that inside of you a perfect genius exists to decide all its problems. This genius is its brain. That it only needs commands to give you what you desire. It thinks that you are programmer of computers (its mind, you) and its brain is a computer. If you to be placing information for inside of the computer speaking on what she is not functioning, ask to you: the computer goes to decide the alone problem? Probably not. many people do not give account of this.

They complain, if they complain, they condemn, judge, but they do not say for the computer what they want to have in the place of the problem. with regard to money, the behavior is the same. Many complain that they wanted to have more, or that the situation is pressed etc. Then, with this type of information (complaints, lamentations etc), the computer does not have as to make much thing. By the way, almost nothing. It only can make something when you say to specific things type ' ' I want to gain X a thousand for ms' ' , or ' ' I want to gain X a thousand for ano' ' , or ' ' I want to have X me applied in the bank until the date tal' '.


Posted by hotelnur on 16th April 2016 in News

The social environments must carefully be explored; Any strategy of communication, with much or little available mount of money, must take in account the careful study of the behavior of who if it wants to reach. Since Brazil is leader absolute in social nets, with 85% of its internautas having access at least a social net, to guarantee a good strategy, without a great budget, using to advantage itself of these canals, it is not so difficult. But who is deceived finds that it is alone to create a community, a Twitter and to bomb the users with information on new products, promotions and offers. The success of the strategy is in opening a canal of constant relationship with its consumer, producing content attracts that them, and using to advantage the space to search each time more information through the monitoramento of you criticize suggestions of the customers and to answer them quickly. We understand as digital presence efficient that one that if converts into visibility and yield for the mark (WEBDESIGN, 2010, p.52). It is clearly that, with the growth of social medias and users of this new virtual tool, new forms appear of relationship with customers.

To help to understand the market it is important to present a concept little argued in the academic institutions. The concept and study of the crematstica: The economic term etimologicamente comes from the oikos Greek vocbulos and nomia, that mean the norm of behavior of well-being of the community, or the house, in a direction very extended. Later, well later, but with precursory signals at the time of same Aristotle and before it, it had the advent of what it would go to substitute the economic one entirely, usurping the name to it: the advent of the crematstica, that is the accumulation of ways of acquisition in general but taken here in as the direction used for Aristotle, in the direction of accumulation of the currency for the currency However in the crematstica perspective all on connotation to the community and the oikos, substituted for ideas that are very moved away from these conceptions, ideas as khrma and acts is lost (it searchs incessant of the production and the abroachment of the wealth, that is, accumulation of wealth for the wealth) (AKTOUF, 2004, p.58) the idea of the economic one of Aristotle could be product of the subconscious mind of the man.