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Posted by hotelnur on 3rd May 2019 in News

A smile means a lot. It enriches who receives it; without beggaring who offers it. It lasts for a second but his memory, sometimes, is never cleared. Anonymous can transform someone’s life just with a smile! Smile more! Did you know that the face looks much more attractive when she smiles? Regardless of how the smile, the energy that radiates with a smile can literally, transform or change for good, a lifetime or at least the day of the person who receives it! Why it costs us so much smile? Smile must become something completely common and natural in our lives, we must do so at dawn, while we are grateful for a new day, by a new opportunity that is given to us to be able to achieve our goals, we sonriamos while we look at us in the mirror, we sonriamos while we go out to work, the University, in the end, we sonriamos very often. When you smile, you automatically forget your problems, and you focus on something pleasant unconsciously. The test beam, smiles and thinks about a problem have, at the same time. Is truth difficult? Why waste time worrying in vain and putting those scowling faces if we can smile! Begins to smile more, laugh more, not only you contagiaras your joy and enthusiasm to others, you will not only become a being more pleasant and attractive, but also can improve him the day someone, among many other benefits! Laugh more often, begins to smile, but starts today! Ya! Ok, so is best! Original author and source of the article

Alhambra Project

Posted by hotelnur on 27th April 2018 in News

The Alhambra Palace is one of the monuments most famous of Spain, is included in the world heritage sites declared by Unesco in 1984. A hotel-club of Malaga called El Mirador in Alhaurin el Grande has decided to pay a tribute to this beautiful and emblematic building, taking their designs as inspiration for the construction of one of the summer terraces of the hotel. Restorers of the Alhambra, have been involved in the design of this section so that the result of this work will have a finished with the same lines of detail that we can admire in the Granada building interior and exterior facade. This terrace that has a beautiful view of the Guadalhorce Valley, will be available to the public every day of the week on a schedule of 20 to 1.30, providing a space to relax with chill out atmosphere, as commented it responsible for specialized in subject of offers and news from the world of hospitality and tourism online. The owner of the Hotel-Club, Mr. Juan Barrionuevo, has confirmed that to be able to undertake this project has become a great economic investment which included the recruitment of a team of six people for the implementation of this unique and attractive project. It is clear that it will never be able to compare the magnificence and Majesty of the Alhambra with the provision of this terrace, but it’s worth applauding the initiative of the project, which was born to pay tribute to this world heritage site, focusing on design to reproduce this monumental building and creating a smart marketing plan based on the popularity of the Alhambra. Without a doubt, El Mirador in Alhaurin el Grande, will become thanks to this inspiration one of the cheap hotels exponents of the beauty of Malaga, for the beauty that houses, Majesty and prices acodes to the tourist offers in the middle. At Jeffrey Hayzlett you will find additional information. Original author and source of the article