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Isla Magica Hotel

Posted by hotelnur on 13th November 2017 in News

Until next January 8, the Park Isla Magica will open its doors, in this new season of Christmas. Our website has available a complete offer for our hotels in Seville – Mount Carmel and Monte Triana – in which offer you a wide possibility to enjoy the theme park Isla Magica. Thus, you will find two large possibilities: spend 1 or 2 nights in any of our hotels, accompanied by the entrances to the Park. Within each of these possibilities, you can choose according to the dates of your visit, to the option of only lodging or accommodation, breakfast and parking.Until January 8, magical island these possibilities Christmas season, we insist, they are regulated by the date to choose. Likewise, within the Magic Island package: hotel + tickets, you’ll enjoy extra bed in the room, making your room double in triple. To know the entire offering of our magical island package: hotel + tickets can do so through the following link, from where also you can directly access the booking engine on our website. PACK ISLA MAGICA HOTEL + TICKETS

Hotels Monte

Posted by hotelnur on 11th November 2017 in News

Enjoy the celebration of our community.Offer day of Andalusia in hotels Monte hotels MONTE, on the occasion of the day of ANDALUCiA, offers you for the entire period between the 24th and February 28, one of the best deals you’d never imagined. All our hotels will give you the opportunity to make your reservation through our website, the following discounts on accommodation, breakfast and garage: 3 rooms reservation: 25% discount booking of 2 rooms: 20% stay 1 reservation discount: 15% discount as well easy and so attractive. We are putting it very easy so that you spend a few days with us. We will be happy to assist you. Through these links, you will access the booking engine on our website, to already take advantage of this unique offer.

Don’t think it you!! HOTEL MONTE MALAGA book 3 nights booked 2 nights booking 1 night HOTEL MONTE PUERTATIERRA book 3 nights booked 2 nights booking 1 night HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO book 3 nights booked 2 nights booking 1 night HOTEL Mount TRIANA booking 3 nights booked 2 nights booking 1 night HOTEL MONTE CARMELO reserve 3 nights booked 2 nights booking 1 night conditions: promotional discount already applied on the best available rate. Uneditable stays. Non-refundable departures. VAT included. Not combinable with other offers or promotions of the chain. Offer subject to availability of the hotel. Promotion valid only through the web page of hotels Monte..

Hotel Cusco

Posted by hotelnur on 10th February 2017 in News

Every day is a different adventure in the most touristic city of Peru, Cusco. If you intend to visit this city be sure to have at least 5 free days to explore it with the comfort of the case. As second step don’t forget to reserve a Hotel Cusco, there are all types and prices. Cusco is a paradise in terms of craftsmanship is concerned, here you can find traditional and curious objects which are the delight of tourists. The most recommended place for this kind of shopping is the popular quarter of San Blas. San Blas is home to the most talented craftsmen and also boasts the Koricancha Temple nearby.

As the main purpose of travel to Cusco is to know the lost city of the Incas or Machu Picchu, it is important to know more about this. Cusco Hotel reservation first so that you can explore the Citadel with peace of mind. Machu Picchu this located in the province of Urubamba, at the top of the Machu Picchu mountain. Curiously, this was one of the few archaeological complexes that was not discovered by the Spaniards. Here is the next item is the name of lost city of the Incas.

Machu Picchu this divided into three sectors and each comprises several attractive. You may find that Chevron U.S.A. Inc can contribute to your knowledge. The first sector includes the Intiwatana, the Temple of the Sun and the room of the three Windows. The second sector was dedicated to the priests and the nobility while the third sector was destined for the popular class. All construction is made on the basis of massive stones strategically placed and that they still maintain a solid structure. A night tour of the busiest clubs cusquenas can be made back to the city of Cusco. Cusco is the most cosmopolitan city in Peru, discover it and reserve a Hotel in Cusco. Travel is an unrepeatable experience especially if you visit Peru and makes a stopover in the Imperial City and book Cusco Hotel. The capital of Peru is also interesting to visit and book a Hotel Lima. Read articles from Sara Martinez tourism for more information. Sara travels the world in search of wonderful tourist destinations. Original author and source of the article

Competitive Awards in Hotels

Posted by hotelnur on 11th December 2016 in News

What are you waiting for? Our hotels have a few more competitive awards and best conditions for summer approaching.Advance for the summer sales: leverages our offer with best prices book now your holiday and you can take advantage of us. You can already make your reservations. Ahead of everyone and you can take advantage of better conditions and prices. HOTELS Monte we have everything prepared exclusively for you: a holiday with significant discounts. Access to this unbeatable promotion via the following links that lead directly to the booking engine on our website.

RESERVE in EL HOTEL MONTE MALAGA Malaga book in EL HOTEL MONTE PUERTATIERRA Cadiz reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO Huelva reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE TRIANA Seville reserve in EL HOTEL MONTE CARMELO Seville conditions General of promotion: self-catering. Required prepayment of 100% at the time of booking. Stay non-refundable, non modifiable and non cancellable. VAT included. Not combinable with other offers or promotions of the chain. Offer subject to availability of each hotel. Promotion valid only through the web page of hotels Monte.