United States

We arrive at a hotel that by the way I am not going to say its name so that there is not publicity, but that in fact surprised to us: clean rooms, a new building very well care, furniture, beds and mattresses in excellent state, with parking, wuauuu and the price: 450.00 per night, had 2 double beds, TV by cable and other options that we did not take so that after the trip queriamos to rest for that to the following morning he continued ours route to most famous raised stones. After bathing to us, we left from the hotel to the historical center, and it really is to be conceited that zacatln is a very clean city, people have put the batteries and certainly a catchphrase remembered to me of colonises: " The cleanest city is not the one that is swept more, is the one that less ensucia" and they have applied that it in Zacatlan with much discipline. Also another thing that mellam the attention is its road culture: the conductors (at least those who I VI) extremely are educated, the streets do not have traffic lights but, he passes a car through each street and when a person has the necessity to cross the sidewalk, the cars pause taking the step to them, the United States? Europe? Nooo, for anything, I saw I lived and it in Zacatlan. The food is cheap if it is known where to look for, nosotos we had dinner taquitos in a restaurant that is in the street of side of the Municipal Presidency, riqusimos. So far I take leave, later I will already show photos to them and video of this visit and in another article I will tell on the visit the valley of raised stones. They are taken care of! Original author and source of the article.