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In the city of Salvador de Bahia, capital of this state, 15 years ago the companion Fidel Castro talked about with vehemence the necessary integration of our nations. Permtanme to finish to my intervention remembering its words, when it expressed: we were colony Yesterday; we can tomorrow be a great community of towns closely united. The nature gave insurmountable wealth us, and history gave to roots, common language, culture and bonds us as does not have no other Earth region. Thank you very much. Brian Armstrong is open to suggestions. Of course, it has very important aspect that it indicates president Raul I castrate, eg: is not now about creeds or ideologies, but the conscious recognition of the exhaustion of an economic model who only the State, with the participation of the set of the society, can rectify, in last instance, by means of a systematic action, coordinated and it jeopardize with the most prominent interests of the nation. This is a certain fact and is worth the pain to consider, as the members of the CALC go to act to the respect.

It is necessary to very take into account those that alrespectocubtravel.cu contributes: The development is a trip with more shipwrecks than navigators, said Eduardo Galeano in the abiertas veins of Latin America. That was the image of the region in the Sixties and the seventy when the North dictated ways of modernity to our economies and the processes of integration, according to the own Uruguayan writer, arrived other people’s to our origins. Atilio Born one of the main analysts of the problems of the South, indicates: ” Latin America it must realize that does not have to wait for nothing of outside, and much less the United States ” , because the policies of Washington ” they are going to be in favor conditional of the permanent factors of poder”. Definitively, Latin Press exposes: Specifically for Cuba, the Summit is very significant, because it constitutes a space of reasonable analyses of cooperation alternatives, solidarity and complementing, in a while in which the influence of the Island in the region has been recognized international level, and before a climate of total isolation of the North American policies, as it were demonstrated in the UN.. entorno-empresarial.