Certified Translations – When Do You Need It?

Both for private individuals as well as in the economy there are different occasions for certified translations, in many cases it is not enough to translate a text. In order to prove that a translation corresponds to the original, a translation can be performed. This is necessary not only for foreign weddings. A company split from the parent company, several founders find themselves and apply for an entry in the commercial register. So long the company national works, enough for the documents and certificate of German courts, authorities and offices. But what if a company registered in Germany would like to do business with foreign countries? There were purchases, orders, or connections with foreign customers, usually an additional certification is required.

The extract from the commercial register, which all have articles, the last tax assessment, be brought by a sworn translator in the other language and notarized. Also in the private sector may require a certified translation. If you want to marry in a foreign country, for example the translation of birth certificate and Ledigkeitsbescheinigung is to submit. Also anyone looking for his professional luck in another country, sees itself may be forced to translate the certificate, diploma, or promotion work. The documents are needed mostly for submission to courts or foreign authorities, to obtain, for example, a work permit. Sworn, sworn and authorized translator and professional translators and translator appointed by the Ministry of Justice for court interpreters to help here.

You may notarize the translation itself and save the customer time. The prices for these certified translation by a translation agency are also very different as at all other translations. Mostly they refer to a so-called standard page, which includes these 1,500 stops without spaces. The text to be translated is shorter, it is usually still How to calculate a standard page. The translation is attached with the original of the document or an also certified copy together to keep verifiable, what was the source of the translated text. Andreas Mettler