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Heidi Plohn Karwer Heide

Posted by hotelnur on 26th August 2019 in News

Hotel Karwe GbR informs the dogs forest often, for some reason, it is not possible to take his four-legged friends to traveling. To know him yet perfectly supplied, hotel for dogs offers dogs forest Karwe GbR”from Kadam on an all-round care throughout the year. This allows the dog owner a relaxing holiday without having to spend bad conscience. What belongs to the wide range of hotels, hotel for dogs Hotel GbR Karwe explains dogs forest. “Exclusive service for your dog professionalism is available in the hotel for dogs dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR” at the forefront.

Which distinguishes itself not only in professional, loving working with the animals, but also in the facilities of the hotel. Idyllic lakeside Neuruppiner, amidst a forested area, located, each comfortably furnished room has a small own front yard to romp. A large fenced free-wheeling Park also provides outlet and connection to other dogs. Here the dogs can enjoy a day together extensively or by dog expert and Owner Heidi Plohn will be executed. Common group walks or special dog training with the renowned dog trainer BEA Eddelbuttel make the stay for every dog an experience. Much spout and freshness make hungry, therefore all meals for dogs are prepared in the hotel’s kitchen fresh and humanely. Facilities and treatment of extra class love it not only people in their holiday especially luxurious. So that it is missing the dog during his stay at nothing, hotel for dogs Hotel Karwe GbR dog forest “perfectly equipped and offers: cozy single rooms as well as double and common areas underfloor heating for guaranteed paws an on-site kitchen dog beds that invite to dream comprehensive care (walking, etc.) “Romp with conspecifics and game program own swimming lake to cool large spout with attached Woods for details is hotel for dogs dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR” from Kadam at any time at the disposal. Press contact: Dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR contact person: Heidi Plohn Karwer Heide 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80 E-Mail: Homepage:

Dynamic Assessment Center

Posted by hotelnur on 25th August 2018 in News

Motivating learning instrument rather than intimidating test method of dynamic assessment centres are in their combination of real life simulations using complex interlocking of exercises the probably most effective method, the both – both competence and potential analysis as too direct and sustainable learning effects – enables. “Long time the assessment Center was considered the hardest personnel selection process in the world. Today, assessment centres are increasingly used in human resources development. A study of the working circle Assessment Center e.V. 2008 noted that nearly two-thirds of all AC in the companies with the objective potential analysis and development take place. The same study was that 63 percent of all AC are already full developments and another 34 percent have at least a company-specific adaptation.

The trend away from the product off the shelf and to the bespoke AC – is abundantly clear. Dynamic assessment Center (AC) are the latest trend in. Can the dynamic assessment centres for selection purposes and to the Human resources development are used. The exercise design makes the essential difference to the traditional assessment. Business model, industry and product language of the company are as well represented as relevant challenges of current and future practice of the participants.

The exercises follow a red thread and are mostly interlinked. Spontaneous feedback is one of the fixed component of the dynamic assessment Center directly after each exercise. Thus, participants receive the opportunity to implement successful learning steps in further exercises and to demonstrate adaption – and ability to learn. Detailed information to dynamic assessment Center have been published as a white paper and is available for download under whitepapers/dynamic assessment-center / ready.

Customer Story Hub Salami Packaging GmbH

Posted by hotelnur on 28th April 2018 in News

Nahare: Swabian crafted for sausage and co. fresh packed Vacher seven generations before or exactly 190 years ago, Martin Nothwang in the Centre of bad Friedrichshall has founded the butcher with subsequent restaurant zur Traube. Always family owned permanently, the operation expanded especially in the last 60 years as a medium-sized manufacturer of sausage with branch network. Bad Friedrichshall/Heilbronn include ten Nothwang-trade metzgereien in the metropolitan area. To read more click here: The Hayzlett Group. Sausage processing is the profession in which Hans-Hermann and Uwe Nothwang, the two managing directors, feel comfortable. Parallel to the structure of the branch network Nahare developed solutions in the form of fresh ground beef products in the past ten years of convenience for facilities of large-scale catering and the food service. Catering and party service for private and business customers have been expanded and have become a fixture of the company.

Despite machine manufacturing company sees itself as a traditional artisans in the Sausage making: Traditional recipes, quality ingredients, and decades of experience are the basis for their authentic Swabian meats. That quality is not a lip service but forgotten production entitled, the popular awards show the German Agriculture society, which gave the butcher of Nahare already 1300 medals. According to Gourmet magazine of Der Feinschmecker\”and the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection the company among the best butchers in Germany\” and therefore 2007 was awarded for the fourth time with the federal award. We take very seriously not only our craft\”, says the Managing Director Hans-Hermann Nothwang, but want to do also something for our community.\” So, committed the butchery Nahare for example in his 190th year of Foundation for the local schools and supported the promotion of literacy with concrete projects. The annually the family-owned company to produce 2,000 tons of sausage products, with up to 50 butchers and professionals in 1993 moved to built according to EU directives, new production. RioCan : the source for more info.

Certified Translations – When Do You Need It?

Posted by hotelnur on 19th November 2017 in News

Both for private individuals as well as in the economy there are different occasions for certified translations, in many cases it is not enough to translate a text. In order to prove that a translation corresponds to the original, a translation can be performed. This is necessary not only for foreign weddings. A company split from the parent company, several founders find themselves and apply for an entry in the commercial register. So long the company national works, enough for the documents and certificate of German courts, authorities and offices. But what if a company registered in Germany would like to do business with foreign countries? There were purchases, orders, or connections with foreign customers, usually an additional certification is required.

The extract from the commercial register, which all have articles, the last tax assessment, be brought by a sworn translator in the other language and notarized. Also in the private sector may require a certified translation. If you want to marry in a foreign country, for example the translation of birth certificate and Ledigkeitsbescheinigung is to submit. Also anyone looking for his professional luck in another country, sees itself may be forced to translate the certificate, diploma, or promotion work. The documents are needed mostly for submission to courts or foreign authorities, to obtain, for example, a work permit. Sworn, sworn and authorized translator and professional translators and translator appointed by the Ministry of Justice for court interpreters to help here.

You may notarize the translation itself and save the customer time. The prices for these certified translation by a translation agency are also very different as at all other translations. Mostly they refer to a so-called standard page, which includes these 1,500 stops without spaces. The text to be translated is shorter, it is usually still How to calculate a standard page. The translation is attached with the original of the document or an also certified copy together to keep verifiable, what was the source of the translated text. Andreas Mettler