A man grows from a single cell. The fertilized egg. Tiny, 0.1 mm in diameter. As a speck of dust that lights up in the Sun. But even if egg and sperm cells are merged, is the genetic programme for the new people.

To the smallest: whether your child will have your green-brown eyes, the Chin dimple of your partner, the shape of the future grandmother, passion for music as you. 24-hour nature takes its time, until the maternal and the paternal chromosomes half-sentence have found their counterpart. On this day zero of the new life the over all hereditary gifts decision. Boy or girl is already clear. And by the sensation in my tummy I felt nothing at all? First of all, the miracle is very quiet. But you can rely totally on your body.

Your baby’s development follows a pattern that is billions of times. Like a tiny space capsule, the fertilized egg floats the goal against. If they are in the lining of the uterus docks, the seed consists of several hundred cells. Fed by nutrients from your cycle precedes the development at breathtaking speed. The cells are differentiated, that is, for example the task to make the brain gets a part, another forms the heart, the eyes become again another. If you are pregnant in the tenth week, an approximately two inches big mini suvidha emerged from the first seed. With a hint of an ear, with all fingers. Now, it’s all about growing. If your belly gradually rounds, hold more and more the miracle. A child grows there, really! A stand-alone nature, unique. The most wonderful connection between you and your loved ones. Send loving thoughts to the little creatures in the belly. Sometimes, however, you forget your condition. If your job takes you completely or for a really exciting movie. And also live without stated affection for the baby are normal. You might find your state just exhausting.