Convention Affiliates

Obviously most of the marketeros of membership systems do not use this method of communication because it can be time consuming and costs increase. The trick here is to use long distance rate flat with no distance limitation for calling some of your affiliates depending on the achievements achieved or any topic in particular. For example, if five of your affiliates have a great month, call them and congratulate them. Call the five takes you less than an hour a day. If you have any affiliate that previously did well, but it has now dropped its performance, give him a call and find out why. You can check the efficiency of a single call and how it can improve the bottom line. Method #7: Postal mail despite the postal mail is very little used these days, precisely that is the reason why you use it.

The only drawback is the high cost that has. The fee varies according to the place where you want to send. Obviously this is not something you do often, because the cost is high, but is something you should consider doing, perhaps once every three months. Some of the programs of affiliate more valued they send postal mail to new members and seems to have a good impression. Method #8: Conventions live if you really are doing things, do a Convention or a seminar for your affiliates It is a great idea, although there are a lot of costs included.

The conventions live are currently unique in the world of affiliate marketing and again it’s exactly why we should do so. A Convention will give your affiliates the opportunity to meet you and to each one personally. Costs can be reduced by requiring your affiliates cover your own hotel, travel costs and most of their food. This makes you need only pay the room conventions and some food.