Ivan Ganchegui

Today already are very few people who still do not know the meaning of the acronyms ECDL. There is no doubt that you’re not one of them, because the canto del loco has become one of the most famous music groups and with more pull of all Spain. While the Group was created by their singer, Dani Martin, and Ivan Ganchegui, who would abandon the group ahead, five components would take a few years more to meet and settle permanently. Now these four guys delight us every year with new singles that make us vibrate and wanting to move on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. There is no us who stop us or them! No doubt constitute a musical revolution within our borders. His style, a mix between pop and rock them are referred to as power pop, makes them unique and unmatched, and its simplicity, warmth and closeness makes them one of the groups most loved by his followers. In these moments is already possible to be up to date on as for the innovations of their tours of our country and its concerts.

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