Francisco Cndido Xavier

Ignoring the moral laws of Jesus Christ? the Scholar of the Millenia? the person, knowing or not, feeds its suicidal vocation: the suffering. ' ' The Good is more powerful than the error. The freedom of the person, more than on the laws, depends on same it. To have freedom is, therefore, to live the Law of Deus' '. ' ' Before the violence of the streets, that left the dark, inhospitable places, and invaded homes, putting at risk the stability of the family, is not sensible that in full Century XXI, still it has people insisting on disdaining the Orders The holy ghosts. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Hayzlett . Jesus? the Celestial Pedagogo? knowing of beforehand what it is transferred in the soul of the creatures, when called to reformulate its thoughts, words and acts, in the Evangelho according to Joo chapter 5, versicles 42 and 43, disclosed: ' ' I know you well, that you do not tend in you the love of God. Therefore I came on behalf of my Father, and you you do not accept me; another one will come in its proper name, to this aceitareis' '. ' ' But since I say already you, before it happens, so that when to occur believes that I am the Messias that I take care of of the moral progress of the peoples of the Land, and judge with equity.

In truth, in I say you to truth: Who to receive that one that I to send, receive me to me; receives who me, receives God who me enviou' ' (Joo 13:19, 20). ' ' My Evangelho will be nailed by the whole world, for certification to all the nations. (…) ' ' (Mateus 24:14). Emmanuel (spirit) if it was valid one old Egyptian story of anonymous author to compose the preface of the book: ' ' Libertao' ' , of Andres Luiz, psicografado for Francisco Cndido Xavier: OLD EGYPTIAN LEGEND OF THE RED PEIXINHO ' ' In the center of formoso garden, it had a great lake, decorated of paving-tiles blue-turquoise.