My papers say that I was born in Avellaneda, city of Buenos Aires. Nevertheless for years I have been feeling like more part of the nomadic community. Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. As if my life had made a temporary backward movement towards the prehistory of the humanity. I go by the cities collecting fruits, advancing without sense in happening of places that no longer memory. I have happened through so many cheap hotels that all they seem to me equal.

If the reception person is a pretty girl, I generally look for to intimar with her. I appear like somebody serious one, but soon I go to the point of direct way. Some times thanks to the success of the conquest I have managed not to pay the demurrage or to reduce the tariff to half. I have so many histories on cheap hotels that it could spend to me hours speaking only of them. Also I have stopped in family houses, I even slept in the street in more of a destiny.

But I can assure that no history of lodging is compared with which I have lived in cheap hotels and to the step. Memory one, where it took a walk to me like ghost by the corridors, was so great that runner who one could take more than five minutes in arriving from an end to the other. It walked slowly, trying to guess who lodged to the other side of each door. It asked to me if they would be humble but happy families. Perhaps one was a clandestine pair that had to be hidden in places like those to be fused in the most prohibited of desires. Not very often I have gotten to listen to the shouts of the wild passion. But the single idea to guess them enters sheets filled my head of an inexplicable rejoicing. I have been in cheap hotels in which they served breakfasts as kings. In those cases, I rise early. Treatment to arrive at the hour in which the girl with the jars filled with milk and coffee arrives just preparation. I try to ingest several cups of each product. First always of pure coffee and without sugar. I look for that its penetrating flavor finishes being on the awares to me and to free of the stupidity somnolienta to me of the body. Soon I prepare a cup with enough milk and little coffee. I suck that it slowly, accompanied generally by two or three toasts. If there is to prepare chocolate, ground not to lose it to me. The chocolate gives energies to hold all the day without proving mouthful. And then, before dividing, a great glass of orange juice complete to fortify the defenses. Once I am ready, I return to the street with my luggage to hills, never knows if I am going to return to sleep in the same place. At this moment I have in the hand a train passage that I changed by an expensive clock. I believe it takes that me to the other side of the border of the country in which I am. If it only knew the language, the things would become here simpler.