I-KNOW ‘ 09 the know-Center invites three internationally-recognized researchers and prestigious leaders from China and Europe as the keynoter for the I-KNOW 09 Graz, June 24, 2009: the Organizer, the know-Center, Austria’s competence center for knowledge management, is pleased the fixed commitments from two of the most renowned researchers from Italy and China, as well as one of the recognized leaders in Austria. Already for the ninth time we can look forward in Graz on an excellent Keynoterbesetzung. A proof on the I-KNOW the international research sex cells with the business network\”, as Prof. Tochtermann, head of the know-Center Graz. Paolo Traverso (Director FBK, Center for information technology – IRST), Eric Tsui (Professor of knowledge management at the Hong Kong University) and Peter Kropsch (CEO of APA-Austrian press agency, as well as President of EANA European Alliance of Newsagencies) are in their lectures topics such as the future Internet, knowledge technologies, knowledge management education and knowledge management software and services address.

Towards a ‘future Internet of services and content,\”the Semantic Web is today, what’s coming tomorrow? Paolo Traverso by the FBK offers a comprehensive view of the future Internet, that same role can play for \”Services and applications\”, as it already does for Web pages and content in his presentation. Novel knowledge representation and management models for modeling real-world services is required in this context. Paolo Traverso shows the latest state of research and significant benefits for the economy. China paving the way for knowledge management and new knowledge technologies Eric Tsui, Professor of the Hong Kong University, awarded in his lecture on Hong Kong’s knowledge management research and knowledge management research centre (KMRC) insight into another world of knowledge management. Hong Kong has the transformation into the new economy faster than any other country in the world\”managed. Since 2007, KMRC plays a crucial role in this context with its knowledge management training programs, Research departments and services offered.