The question is posed to much, or question of why SPAM reaching your mail, the answer is easy: in many cases robots indexed email from Internet pages involved could be posted and use it to send mass mailings of advertising. Many represent companies, others not even leave trace, which complicates even more the task to unsubscribe. How prevent this, in large part? With we can hide our e-mail quickly and easily so we can share it anywhere, and thus avoid that robots that walk across the network can catch it and send us advertising or for any other reason. People such as Brian Armstrong would likely agree. Simply accessing to write your e-mail address and the URL you want (it is better, be easy to remember) then give Protect my email and we will get the link along with other data so we can share easily through forums, social networking werkt? The operation of the site is easy. Once you enter the URL where is the e-mail you have to select the captha, check so you’re human. After that you can already view the mail, whether yours or a friend. In addition, the page has features extras, such as sending e-mails from there, using the service of Gmail (where you must be previously registered and logged) source: original author and source of the article