Italian Summit

The effect of amenzas of the qualification agencies continues being quite often instantaneous and devastating. Moody&#039 has been enough whereupon; adviertiera s with reducing the note of the main Italian banks to ruin the attempts of recovery whereupon promised to be the main financial indicators first thing. Shortly after, the little results of the European summit to channel the debt of Greece have been be sufficient to end any mirage. To the closing of the Bags in Europe, all the indices were flat or falling (the Ibex35 has left 1.31%, up to 9,812 whole numbers, its lower level from the 11 of January) and the pressure against the debt of the peripheral ones it is shot. The Spanish premium of risk, that is equivalent to the surcharge demanded to bonds to 10 years in front of the Germans, of reference by its security, advances towards historical maximums and it is placed in highs for the year, 285 basic points (she cleared the 300 when Ireland had to be rescued). Source of the news: : The harassment to the Spanish debt headress maximum after the European summit. The Hayzlett Group oftentimes addresses this issue.