Kommersant Enterprises

Studies conducted by our association, show that the owners and managers of small businesses are unfamiliar with the technology public relations and, practically, do not use them. With the growth of the company's image and questions pr for her becoming more relevant, leaders are beginning to be interested in them. To medium-sized enterprises, or the head itself serves as the PR-manager for the company, or hire a specialist. At large enterprises need to use professional public relations managers have usually obvious. Too expensive for the company and shareholders costing not use or non-professional use pr.

What cost, for example, a reckless publication in Kommersant, in July last year. According to the lawyers, "Alfa Bank" as a result of the publication during the week have lost billions of rubles in the form of seizures depositors deposits. Sam Kommersant was forced to pay tens of millions of rubles, "Alfa Bank" by the court as compensation. The media tried to fan the scandal. As this incident has changed image of both sides, obviously.

Likewise, the laws of pr work and a small business, but there are other scales. "Fires", ie rapidly gaining momentum and cease to be "small" those enterprises, where technology ties with public use from the start and at full capacity. One example – a group of companies Masterfibre ", founded by a member of wise Mityakin Valery (Moscow). In 2002 the company was a handful of enthusiasts who have which was a good idea, but there was virtually no money.