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Kommersant Enterprises

Posted by hotelnur on 27th September 2019 in News

Studies conducted by our association, show that the owners and managers of small businesses are unfamiliar with the technology public relations and, practically, do not use them. With the growth of the company's image and questions pr for her becoming more relevant, leaders are beginning to be interested in them. To medium-sized enterprises, or the head itself serves as the PR-manager for the company, or hire a specialist. At large enterprises need to use professional public relations managers have usually obvious. Too expensive for the company and shareholders costing not use or non-professional use pr.

What cost, for example, a reckless publication in Kommersant, in July last year. According to the lawyers, "Alfa Bank" as a result of the publication during the week have lost billions of rubles in the form of seizures depositors deposits. Sam Kommersant was forced to pay tens of millions of rubles, "Alfa Bank" by the court as compensation. The media tried to fan the scandal. As this incident has changed image of both sides, obviously.

Likewise, the laws of pr work and a small business, but there are other scales. "Fires", ie rapidly gaining momentum and cease to be "small" those enterprises, where technology ties with public use from the start and at full capacity. One example – a group of companies Masterfibre ", founded by a member of wise Mityakin Valery (Moscow). In 2002 the company was a handful of enthusiasts who have which was a good idea, but there was virtually no money.

Performance Criteria Procurement Policy Commercial Enterprises

Posted by hotelnur on 16th March 2019 in News

Under the efficiency of procurement policy to understand scale-up, ensuring a strong competitive position of companies in the market and receive profit target by optimizing the cost of procurement. The main Mitigation effectiveness of procurement business enterprises at present are the following: an unstable financial position of commercial enterprises, low purchasing power population, growth of sales of bulk products in the markets, including illegal, difficulties in defining a range of goods on the domestic market, the inability to predict demand for trade workers in certain types of goods, leading to the adoption of unjustified managerial decisions in the procurement of goods. Modern study of the economic efficiency of the procurement policy of trade enterprises often relate to the evaluation and the efficiency of business transactions 1, 2. With almost no approaches to conduct systematic assessment of the effectiveness of the procurement policy of commercial enterprise. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has much to offer in this field. Definition effectiveness of procurement policy begins with the establishment of efficiency criteria.

To assess the effectiveness of procurement policy is advisable to use multi-criteria approach based on the fact that the criterion effectiveness of procurement policy – is the degree of realization of its objectives. Set of objectives the procurement policies of enterprises grouped into four main groups: the goals of quality, costs, liquidity, reliability 3. Objectives quality requirements refer to the properties of the goods. The newspapers mentioned Mining not as a source, but as a related topic. As the quality of the goods is a prerequisite to achieve the quality of products sold, the purchase of the goal of its own.

Posted by hotelnur on 3rd September 2017 in News

Therefore, we can cool down the enemy and say that strategic relationships are built step by step. – Oh, we are interested in long-term cooperation with you. Do you have a brilliant reputation! A Our needs are growing with each passing day. We are ready to enter into a contract with you and hope you take the first game to the test, for free. – We are also interested in the development of such relations, with one hand.

On the other hand, relationship must be built slowly, step by step, so it is too early to talk about the provision of any product in our range are free. Let's start with the fact that your first order you personally, and run prokontroliruete in exact terms as a sign of the seriousness of your intentions. 3. Excessive demands. Also common form of manipulation. The essence of it is, as stated in the third bonus caste, inflate to the maximum requirements to What happened to retreat.

How to deal with? When your opponent puts inappropriate demands, it is better to reduce everything into a joke, saying, "we understand the frivolity of the moment." Or do the same so inadequate proposal. – We have a proven track record in the market a long time as a reliable and professional company. Therefore, we have no fear to work on a prepaid and usually offer special conditions of cooperation: transport, help own staff, the timing and stuff. And we hope that we will be with you have not worked in the same conditions. – Of course, I'm not the slightest doubt. That's why I wrote to you. And very much hope that under such conditions you all make for a day, the results will bring me home and stuff. 4. "We – the monopolists'. Imagine a situation when you are dealing with a major player. And it starts you indicate that you de such a lot, but they are exceptional, and, they say, you need them more than they have in you. – We are monopolists, and therefore meaningless to discuss the terms. How to act? I see the following options: (1) can point to the inadmissibility of blackmail as a method of negotiation: "You I want to make in such a way to go? it is then not negotiate. Long-term relationships should be based on mutual benefit, rather than blackmail. How to build our relationship further, if we agree? "(2) may be hints ask about alternatives, what other options vozmzhny for you, (3) can directly tell you about your options. 5. Blackmail. Do you experience situations where you offer to take additional obligations or conditions under threat of adverse consequences? – We have a connection. It is better to be friends with us, than to be our enemies. What to do? Terminate negotiations. If this blackmail is real, then you should think about the possibility of general cooperation, because what worked and will use the device on. And if you do not have the choice not to agree, you should raise this question: "How will our relationship is built, if you start with the threats? Of course, we have agree, but we do not like. " If this blackmail – a bluff, or something from the realm of fantasy, you should: (1) indicate that these methods are not allowed to negotiate, or (2) ignore words such as shaking an empty air.